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Camp Fandom: Camp Half-Blood Edition


Lightning Thief book coverCalling all Demi-Gods!  

For tween fans that already love the Percy Jackson series or tweens that are willing to read the first book, The Lightning Thiefcome join us for our first tween book club meeting 


During the entire month of July, we will have time to read the first Percy Jackson book (or reread it 😊), do some fun activities, and then discuss the book virtually via Zoom on Thursday, July 30th at 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. 

Who can join?  

Anyone in grades 4-6 who has parental permission to join our Zoom meeting. Parents are welcome to participate, but it is not required.  

What is Camp Fandom?  

Camp Fandom is a virtual book club for tweens that want to read new books, share favorite fandoms they are a part of, and make friends.  


Throughout the month you will pace yourself to your liking to read the selected title and have it finished to attend the meeting. There are mini challenges to do throughout the month that are related to our theme. Our theme this month is Percy Jackson and Greek Mythology.  

Be the Hero!

Any time during the month you can take the Greek Gods, Monsters, & Mazes, Oh My! challenge. Will you choose to be the hero and save the day? 

Week 1 (July 8-11): Create your own Laurel Wreath Crown!  

You can create this craft out of your own supplies or you can pick up a laurel wreath crown kit through curbside pick-up. This kit provides you with the craft supplies needed and the directions; just call 330-259-3399 to request a kit.   

Week 2 (July 12-18): Create your own maze! 

Use pencil or paper to make a line maze or use a maze generator.

Try to make it difficult, but possible. Try different challenges with family members or friends.  

Challenge: Take the amount of time it took to create the maze and see ithe person solving it can solve it quicker.  

Challenge: Time different friends and family and see who does the best! 

Challenge: Make a circular maze and a rectangular maze. Which was easier to make, and which was easier to solve? 

Week 3 (July 19-25): Monsters of Greek Mythology Challenge!  

Percy Jackson encounters a lot of monsters throughout The Lightning Thief. He must fight a Minotaur, the Furies, and Medusa, among others.  

Your challenge is to create a monster from Greek mythology. You can do this however you like. You can draw one, make it out of Play Dough or Lego. Or make it out of any objects you find around your house. Maybe you want to turn yourself into one of the monsters and create your own costume. Be creative as you like! We want to see your creatures when we meet up for Book Club! 

Week 4 (July 26-30): Prepare for book club!

Read The Lightning Thief and attend the Zoom call on Thursday, July 30th starting at 6:30 p.m.  

Come prepared by wearing your crown, be ready to show off your monsters and get ready to have a fun hour of discussing Percy Jackson! 

You will receive more information about the Zoom meeting when you sign up 😊 

How can I sign up 

Parents can register their kids for Camp Fandom Book Club through our event calendar.

We will email you with our rules for the meeting (essentially Zoom etiquette) and what you can expect! Plus, you will take the official Greek God/Goddess parent quiz to see what cabin you will join for our meeting.