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Camp Half-Blood: Laurel Wreath Crown

Every demigod needs a laurel wreath crown during the end of the summer celebration. Put on your best toga and place this crown upon your head.  


If you are participating in our tween book club, Camp Half-Blood, you can pick up the craft materials at curbside pickup. But most of these materials are readily available at home. 


Materials you will need: 

  • Template of the Leaves  
  • Paper (white if you want to color it, or color paper of your choice) The thicker the paper the better! 
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil 
  • Coloring utensils (markers, paint, color pencils, crayons, etc.)  
  • Wire (medium thickness) 
  • Tape (clear tape would be best) 

Step 1: Trace the template onto the paper of your choosing with your pencil. Do this about 20 times (10 of the single leaves and 10 of the combined leaves) but adjust the number to fit your head size. Or print out two of the templates to skip this step. 


Step 2: Color the leaves any way you want to! Add glitter! Make it 3D! Use all the colors! Design the leaves any way you’d like 😊 

Step 3: Cut out the leaves with your scissors.  


Step 4: Measure the length of your head and cut the wire accordingly. It should reach close to your temple Curve headband toward your other temple around the back of your head.

Step 5: Tape your V shaped leaves on the ends of the wires, where it will be at the sides of your head. The straight leaves you will tape at the curve of the wire which will appear on the back of the head.  

Step 6: Wear your crown and show it off! 


Register for Camp Half-Blood through our events page.  We hope to see you (and your crown) on July 30 at 6:30!