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children's art
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Are you looking for some inspiration? Get out your art supplies because it is time to be creative and expressive with art.

When children draw, color, paint, or write, this expression of art is a language. Long before children can talk, they will use art to communicate how they feel and think. Art is a way a child can show emotions and thoughts through movement. The media can be paper, sand, rocks, sidewalks, a napkin, or even an art canvas. By allowing a child to doodle, this creates new pathways in the brain that will help them grow and thrive. 


The following titles are available through Hoopla and our Library website

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The following are available as eBook titles to check out:

Art Styles for Kids by Various Authors

Piecing Art Togeteher by Donna Herweck Rice

Origami Arts and Crafts by Emanuele Azzità

Interesting Facts About The Ancient African Art by Baby Professor

Great Art in 30 Seconds by Wesley Robins

What’s In My Art Box? By Taylor Farley

Paper Pop-Up Art by Pam Chenevert

American Indian Artifacts by Katie McKissick

Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids by Jeanette Nyberg

Math Art and Drawing Games for Kids by Karyn Tripp

123s of Art by Sabrina Hahn

Action ART by MaryAnn F. Kohl

Scribble Art by MaryAnn F. Kohl

Pop Art  by Alix Wood

Art of Color by Mari C. Schuh

Yarn Art by Paul Calvert

Art for Summer by Rita Storey

Art for Spring by Rita Storey

History of Art by Laura Perdew

Drawing Mystical Heroes by William Potter

Drawing Dangerous Villians by William Potter

Steampunk World by William Potter

The Art of The Ancient Egyptians by Baby Professor

Inventions in th Visual Arts by Cory MacPherson

An Eye for Art by National Gallery of Art

I (Heart) Art by The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A Look At Pop Art by Keli Sipperley

Rad Recycled Art by Emily Kington

The following list of websites and additional resources shows how art is important in culture today:

Article: The Importance of Art in Child Development by

Research: Arts in Early Childhood by

Art is Inspiration: Young Artist Captures Brave Spirit of Those Fighting Pediatric Cancer by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Art is Beneficial: Early Music Education: The Benefits of Starting Young by

The Importance of the Arts: Parents & Children, Learn Together Through the Arts from

Music is Good: Taking Note: Musical Activities to Support Parent-Child Relationships from

Math and Art: Young Children Learn Math Through the Arts  at

Play and Art: 3 Reasons to Expose Your Child to the Arts Early On at

The Importance of Art Therapy: An Expert on School-Based Art Therapy Explains how Art Therapy Helps Children Make Sense of the Insensible on

Lesson Plans for the Arts at The Kennedy Center Arts Edge

2020 Call for the Arts from the Military Child Education Coalition asks for children to show what it means to be part of a military family through art.