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Clothespin Butterfly – Take & Make Craft for Kids

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This month’s Kids Take and Make Craft is a clothespin butterfly. Butterflies are herbivores that eat plants and leaves. These insects have been around for over 56 million years and have three separate body parts and six legs. Egg, larvae, pupa, and adult are the four stages in the life cycle of a butterfly. 

Let’s make a clothespin butterfly craft! 

Clothespin Butterfly 

Materials Provided: 

  • 1 Clothespin
  • 2 Sticker Eyes 
  • 4 Pompoms 
  • 1 Piece of Tissue Paper 

Materials Needed: 

  • Glue 



Step 1: Gather materials needed. 

Supplies: pompoms, clothespin and sticker eyes

Step 2: Put a sticker on one pompom.  You may need to glue sticker on.  

Sticker eye on one pompom

Step 3: Glue 4 pompoms on the clothespin.  Let the glue dry for several hours.  

Four pompoms glued to clothespin

Step 4: Pinch the tissue paper in half.  Squeeze the clothes pin and put the tissue paper inside.  Spread out the tissue paper to make the wings. ENJOY! 

Tissue paper next to pompons on clothespinPinching the tissue paper with clothespinAssembled butterfly

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