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Want to learn more about LEGO?  Check out these videos and other resources.  Lego has been around for almost 100 years.  Find out some of the newest and coolest build projects by looking at these links below: 

Videos about Lego

Complete Tour of LEGO House in Denmark 

This is a place that the public is invited to touch, see, and build all different types of LEGOs

The LEGO Story -How it all started 

After making wood toys, find out how the plastic toys made LEGO.

Books about Lego

The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide by Pawel Kmiec 

Find out how to use pulleys, gears, and motors to build with LEGOs. 

The Lego Adventure Book, Volume 1, Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs and More! By Megan H. Rothrock 

Use many different types of LEGO to build your dreams. 

DVDs about Lego

Lego Ninjago, Masters of Spinjitzu 


LEGO Atlantis 



Maps about LEGO

LEGO House in Google Maps 

Look around and discover Denmark.

LEGO House in Google Earth 

This 3D image will help you explore Denmark around the LEGO house.

Here are some funny pictures of Lego scenes.  

Check them out and be inspired to create some of your own. 

Lego Scenes 


These links will take you to new and unusual ways to use Legos. 

I call them Lego Hacks! 

Lego Switch Plates

Ultimate Lego Party Ideas

Legos Creative Ways For Practical Household Solutions