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DIY Silly Putty STEAM Activity

Girl playing with putty

Looking for a way that will help kids let off STEAMThis can be done in a fun and productive way. STEAM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. This interactive approach to learning is exciting, engaging and helps children to think creatively and problem solve. Check out this amazing STEAM activity for how to make silly putty! 

Items needed: 

  • Measuring cups (1/2 cup & 1 cup) 
  • Spoon 
  • Bowl 
  • Dish Soap 
  • Cornstarch 
  • Ziplock Baggie or Airtight Container 

Step 1: 
Measure and pour ½ cup of dish soap into a bowl. 

putty step 1

Step 2: 
Add 1 cup of cornstarch to the bowl. 

Step 3: 
Stir mixture with a spoon until dish soap and cornstarch have mixed completely. 

Step 4: 
Use your hands and knead until the putty comes together into a putty like texture. 

Note: If the putty feels too dry, add more dish soap.  

           If the putty feels runny, add more cornstarch. 

Step 5: 
Have fun and play with your putty!