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Dog Man Read-Alike Suggestions

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Dog Man: Tale of Two Kitties Book Cover

If you read and loved all the Dog Man Books, what should you read next?

What is a read-alike?

A read-alike is a book or an author similar in style to another book or author.

Why choose a read-alike?

When you’re looking for something new to read, a read-alike is a great place to start, because it will be similar to a book you love.

Mac B. Spy Kid Book Cover

Mac B., Kid Spy series by Mac Barnett
For kids who like the crime fighting aspect of Dog Man, Mac B is recruited by the Queen of England to recover the crown jewels. Don’t worry, the Queen will write him a note to get him out of school!

The Bad Guys series by Aaron Blabey
“Bad guys” who want to be heroes? You’ll root for these guys who try to free 200 dogs from the dog pound – but things don’t always go to plan.

 Jedi Academy series by Jeffrey Brown
For Dog Man fans who are also Star Wars fans. All the things that middle schoolers experience, but in a galaxy far, far away.

Big Nate series by Lincoln Peirce
A comic book series about Nate, your average middle schooler just trying to navigate through life and school, but managing to find mischief along the way.

Max and the Midnights by Lincoln Peirce
Max dreams of becoming a knight and when the king is kidnapped, he gets the chance to prove himself along with a group of kids known as the Midknights.

Caveboy Dave series by Aaron Reynolds
Dave is a prehistoric inventor, but are his inventions good enough? And will he survive a dangerous rite of passage?

Dragonbreath series by Ursula Vernon 
Danny Dragonbreath may not be able to breathe fire, but he does have an epic sense of adventure and some friends to help him along the way!

Stick Dog series by Tom Watson 
Stick figure dogs in search of the perfect hamburger? What could be better?

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Annette is a youth librarian at the Poland library. Besides loving to read books to kids, she enjoys knitting, watching true crime documentaries, listening to podcasts and baking all with her faithful, canine companion, Timber, by her side.