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Group of children playing with bubbles
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The weather is nicer, the sun is shining, and it’s time to have some fun with bubbles! Blowing bubbles is a very fun and low-cost activity to enjoy with your children. It gets them outside and enjoying simple exercise 

To play with bubbles all you need is soap and a wand. If you want to get more creative, you can make your own wands, experiment with bubble size, or even make bubble art. There are so many ways to enjoy bubbles! 


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Check out some library books all about bubbles. 

Picture Books:

Bubbles by Chase Kit 

A Bubble by Geneviève Castrée 

Bubble-rific! by Andrea Posner-Sanchez 

Bubble Trouble by Margaret Mahy 

Bubble Kisses by Vanessa Williams 

Big Bad Bubble by Adam Rubin 

Bubble Bath Pirates! by Jarrett Krosoczka 

Non-Fiction Books:

Super Simple Things to Do With Bubbles by Kelly Doudna 

The Nature and Science of Bubbles by Jane Burton 

Bubbles Float, Bubbles Pop by Mark Weakland 

Experiments With Bubbles by Robert Gardner 

Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic by Tom Noddy 

Bubble Monster and Other Science Fun 

Pop! A Book About Bubbles by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley 

Soap Science: A Science Book Bubbling With 36 Experiments by J. L. Bell