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Family Fun Activities

family game night

I am sure, like myself, during this time of social distancing you may be looking for other ways to reconnect or spend time with the family. However, are you looking for things to do with your family that allows you to unplug? Here are just a few things that you and your family can do as a way to disconnect. If you have done any of these, let us know how they turned out by posting to any of our social media sites! Have fun!

Recycled Crafts: Raid that recycling! Take various recycled materials and create something new. Need a few ideas before you get started and unplug? Here is an e-book to help: 100 Easy Steam Activities by Andrea Scalzo Yi. (Available through OverDrive)

Create a family artwork:  Buy a canvas from a local cheap shop, and some paints and get together to make an artwork together. It will make a great talking point in your home and something that can be cherished for a long time.

Build a fort: Take boxes or even build it out of sheets and blankets under the dining room table. Kids love forts! Need some more ideas before you get started, check out this YouTube video for inspiration.

Plant a garden: Hopefully mother nature will start to cooperate with us and we can get out there and plant a garden. Don those work gloves, crank up some music and weed prior to planting. Kids will love it, and you’ll get that extra time together as a family.

Nature walk: Go on a nature walk in your neighborhood or local park and try and identify as many different trees and animals as possible.

Family game night: Watch the competitiveness come out! Break out the board games or card games and have fun. Turn it into a tournament. Everyone will be hooting and hollering.

Make a time capsule: During this unprecedented time, create a family time capsule to capture what occurred and what your family did during this time. Make sure to put your capsule in a cool dark place. Include pictures, newspaper articles, or any artwork to capture this moment in time.

Family Talent Show: Show off those magic skills. Do not have any? That’s ok. Can’t sing or even dance, that’s ok, show off your skills. Be as creative and silly as you can. This is a time for togetherness and just having fun.

Hope these ideas have helped you and your family in some way. Again, after the fact, please feel free to share your experiences with doing any of these on our social media sites.

Have fun! Be well! Stay safe!

Jenni Hemphill is a youth services librarian at the Newport Library, where she finds books for patrons and helps patrons on the computers. She is also responsible for the American Sign Language Club for PLYMC. She enjoys reading all types of books, especially historical fiction or dystopian. She also makes sure that she stays up to date on newly released books for children. When she isn’t doing this, she is spending time with her husband and her two children.