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First Chapters: Stink and the Hairy, Scary Spider

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This month’s First Chapters book isStink and the Hairy, Scary Spider by Megan McDonald. To listen to the first chapter, please call 330-259-3394. 

If you are familiar with the Judy Moody series by Megan McDonald, this series follows the adventures of Judy’s brother, Stink.   

To finish reading the book, you can checkout Stink and the Hairy, Scary Spider or the others in the series at the library or online throughOverdrive, the Libby App, or Hoopla.  

Curbside Pickup is also available.  

Take and Make Craft 

Our Take and Make craft to go along with this book is a hairy, but notsoscary spider bookmark.  You may request a Take and Make craft at any branch library or by calling 330-744-8636.   


Provided in the Make and Take kit from the library 

  • 24-inchpiece of black yarn 
  • 24-inchpiece ofsilveryarn 
  • Fiveyards ofpurpleyarn 
  • 2 eyestickers 

Material needed from home 

  • scissors  


 1. Cut the black into 4 equal pieces.  You can do this by first folding it in half and cutting into 2 equal pieces.  Then fold and cut the pieces again to make 4 equal pieces.  These pieces will be the legs. Set aside.  

2. Lay the silver yarn flat on the table.  You will use this piece to tie your spider together.      

3. Wrap all of the purple yarn around the palm of your hand. This will become the body of your hairy, scary spider.  

4. Carefully remove the purple yarn from your hand and place in the center of your silver yarn.    

5. Place the black yarn on top of your purple.  

6. Tightly tie the bundle together with a double knot.   

7. Use scissors to snip the loops.  Do not trim the silver pieces.  This will go in between the pages of your book to mark your spot.  

8. Shake to fluff your pompom.  You can give it a little haircut to make it rounder or leave it the way it is.    

9. Add the eye stickers. 

Now you are ready to use your Hairy, Not-So-Scary Spider bookmark to save your place when you read 

We hope you enjoy this month’s book and craft.  Join us at the beginning of each month for a new First Chapters story and craft!