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First Chapters: Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective

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First Chapters is designed for beginning chapter book readers.  Call 330-259-3394 to listen to one of our librarians read the beginning of a chapter book.  You can then borrow the book from the library, Overdrive the Libby app, or Curbside Pickup to finish reading it.  There is a new book every month.   

The book this month is Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective.  Join boy detective Leroy, “Encyclopedia” Brown as he helps to solve cases with his amazing brain power. 

This week’s Take and Make craft is a mini clue book. You can record clues and help to solve cases of your own! You can request your Take and Make craft by calling 330-744-8636. 

Make and Take Craft: Mini Clue Book 

Supplies included in the Take and Make bag:

  • Construction paper cover
  • Paper for book pages
  • Golf pencil
  • Stickers

Other items needed:

  • Additional stickers
  • Markers
  • Stapler or glue

Step 1:  Fold a sheet of paper in half lengthwise (sometimes called a hot dog fold)

Step 2: Unfold, then fold the paper in half widthwise (sometimes called the hamburger fold)

Step 3: Unfold, then fold the edges up to the center fold.

Step 4:  Unfold, then fold width -wise and cut a slit only half way down the center (don’t cut more than the center two blocks)

Step 5:  Unfold, then fold lengthwise and push the ends in towards the center.

Step 6: Fold the pages together into a mini booklet, then fasten construction paper cover with glue or staples and decorate.

I hope you enjoy this month’s book and craft.  Check back next month for a new story and craft!