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Fitness for Children with Tracy & Allie

Group of kids stretching
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Need to stretch and move around a bit? Check out some fun children’s videos, books and websites to get you on your toes.

Fitness is the well-being and overall health of self. Fitness does not only mean physical health, but also mental and emotional as well. Having a balance between nutrition, exercise and rest is ideal to keep a person healthy.

The following titles are available through Hoopla and our website at 

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The following are available as video titles:

Storyland Yoga by Dreamscape Media, teaches kids yoga poses while telling a story, and is equally fun for kids and adults.

Shanti Generation – Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemaker by Janson Media, offers 5 different episodes of content merging yoga exercises and mindfulness techniques geared towards kids ages 7-16.

The following are available as eBook titles:

Exercise by Vanessa Black

Cool Exercise by Colleen Dolphin

Exercise Better by John Bankston

Talking about Exercise by Wendy St. Germain

Balanced Meals by Katie Clark

Good Mental Health by Shirley Wimbish Gray

Physical Fitness for Children Websites:

Activity Information Sheets from Healthy Schools on gives activity cards for children on how to play the sport or activity.

Fitness for Girls on gives a video, links, and tips for girls about fitness workouts.

Why Exercise Is Wise on gives the reasons children should exercise.

5 Ways that Play can Change Your Day from the American Heart Association gives reasons that children benefit from play.

Everyday Ideas to Move More from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute shows how families can exercise more.

How much physical activity fo children need?  on shows the different types of activity used in exercise.

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition from shows links and information on exercise.

Kids in Motion from Game Show Fitness on is a show that children can follow along as a game about physical activity.

Fit Kids Healthy For Life is a website from that shows a healthy lifestyle through eating, exercise and movement.

Kids in Motion Fitness Bingo on plays a game that can be done from home about physical fitness and exercise.

Arthur’s Fitness on PBS Kids talks about tips, workout, games, activities, and videos on a healthy lifestyle.