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For Magic Tree House Fans

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If you love the Magic Tree House series and have read all the books (WOW – good for you!), then you might be looking for something else to read.  Here is a list of books that also feature time travel, other cultures, and solving mysteries. 


The Wrong Wrights by Chris Kientz. 

This graphic novel adventure finds classmates Dominique, Eric, Josephine, and Ajay visiting the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, but it’s not quite what they expected. Someone has removed the Wright Brothers from history and it’s up to the four friends to go back in time and right that wrong!   



The iPhone that Saved George Washington by David Potter. 

Can an iPhone send you back in time? It would seem so, as Mel has found himself in 1776, and he’s got a problem. George Washington is dead, and Mel knows that if George Washington doesn’t make that Delaware River crossing, history is going to be changed forever.   


The Lincoln Project by Dan Gutman. 

Four students have received a very strange request from a mysterious billionaire: go back in time and get a photograph of Abraham Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address – but don’t get caught doing it! 


Knights of the Kitchen Table by Jon Scieszka. 

For Joe’s birthday, his uncle gives him a book – a magic book that sends Joe, Sam and Fred back in time to face the Knights of the Round Table. 

Also available as an ebook. 


Greetings from Somewhere series by Harper Paris. 

Ethan and Ella’s mom got a job as a travel reporter, so they get to travel the world with her. But no matter where they go, they always seem to run into a mystery  stolen painting in Paris, missing Lions in Africa, or a secret society in Greece. No worries, the mystery loving twins will solve the case! 


The Mystery of Meerkat Hill by Alexander McCall Smith. 

Precious Ramotswe has two new friends, who have a clever little pet – a meerkat! But when her new friends’ cow goes missing, it’s up to aspiring detective Precious to solve the mystery.  


The Absent Author by Ron Roy. 

Dinks has written to his favorite author and asked him to visit, and he agreed! But on the day he was supposed to arrive, there’s no sign of him. Did he just miss his plane – or was it something more sinister? 

Also available as an ebook. 


Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George. 

Tuesdays are the best day at Castle Glower, because that’s the day that a new room or wing appears in the castle! But when the king and queen disappear, it’s up to Princess Celie to find them – and the new tower that has appeared just might be the answer to the mystery.  

Also available as an ebook. 

Happy reading!