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Fun Reading Activities and Games for Kids

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Looking for fun ways to incorporate reading into your daily routines? There are many activities that can encourage reading for kids who are just starting school or for those who are progressing through elementary school. Reading can take place whether you are taking a trip or even in your own home or neighborhood. Research suggests that to ensure a good foundation for staying ahead during summer months, it’s important to include a variety of activities that kids might enjoy that will strengthen areas of learning. Reading can be fun and with creative activities, kids are sure to enhance reading skills in a fun way.  

Recommended grades: PreK – Kindergarten

Environmental print  is found in your everyday environment that helps bridge the connection between letterssymbols and 1st efforts of reading. Examples of environmental print are endless and can include cereal boxes, candy wrappers, street signs, logostraffic signs and even food labels.  

  • Ask your child to find the first letter of their name using environmental print. 
  • Play “I Spy” by cutting and gluing environmental print on construction paper. Adults say what they spy and have kids point out those items. 
  • Have kids point out upper and lower case letters from environmental print.  
  • Cut out pictures, letters, or symbols from environmental print around your home and have kids play a matching game. 


Recommended grades: 1-3

Sight words are words that are commonly used in the English language and are very beneficial for helping kids to read.  

  • Play a memory game. Cut out 5 sets of sight words from magazines, newspapers, or any items from your homePlace words face down and have kids flip over cards to match each word. 
  • Go on a word hunt. Create a list of sight words, hide these words in or around your home and have your kids find the words from the list and say what they are. Offer rewards for their efforts. 
  • Play sight word bingo. Draw 9 squares on a sheet of paper, cut sight words from items around the house and place into squares. Provide prizes for winners. 
  • Print or write sight words on paper and ask kids to read as many words as he or she can in one minute and offer rewards. 

Recommended grades: 4-6

Reading over the summer defeats summer learning loss. Just as exercise keeps muscles in shape, reading helps keep the brain in shape. 

  • Have kids read recipes from their favorite foods and reward them by making this item. 
  • Hide favorite things of kids around the house such as chocolates, books, or games. Write clues for where the items are located. Have kids read the clues and find the hidden objects.  
  • Encourage kids to read to their pets or to family and friends. 
  • Make a grocery list and have kids to read the list while shopping.