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Hand and Foot Hopscotch

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Check out this fun twist on hopscotch! Turn a classic favorite into a new game that develops concentration and coordination in a laugh out loud hopscotch game guaranteed to start the giggles.

You will need print outs of left and right footprints and print outs of right and left hands, or if printouts aren’t available of course you can use squares with handprints and footprints traced on them from your own hands and feet!

After you have your squares, (about the size of half sheet of paper for younger children and a full-size piece of paper for older children) and blue painters’ tape, duct tape, or packaging tape, you’re ready to get started.

How to Play:

  • You can set up any number of rows, but each row should have 3 squares.
  • Each square will have one hand or foot (either drawn or a print out).
  • Place the sheets of paper out in rows of footprints and two hand prints using tape to stick them to the floor.
  • Mix up the order of hands and feet in each row. For little children keep two feet in each row. But if your kids are older, it’s fun to have one foot and two hands in the three-box row. Also, the younger the group of children the shorter you will need to make the game.
  • Players take turns jumping through the rows matching their hand and foot to the pictures in the row. Right hand on right hand picture, left foot on left foot picture, etc.

Variations to up the giggling factor:

  • Make two playing courses and divide into teams to see which team finishes first.
  • Time each player to see who is the fastest.
  • Just like regular hopscotch use a beanbag or other small object to toss onto the course and skip that square on the way up the course.
  • If you have a surface outside, try making this course with sidewalk chalk.

Links to Youtube videos of people playing this version of hopscotch: (online everyone seems to refer to this hopscotch game as “Gioco Coop” or “Hand and Foot Challenge Game”)

Photos from one of our wonderful children’s librarians giving this Hand and Foot Hopscotch a try: