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Juvenile Fiction for Pride Month

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Hello, and happy Pride Month! June is LGTBQ+ Pride Month, and we’re going to celebrate with some awesome juvenile fiction books that feature some great representation. Grownups, these are great books to read with your child and can open up many conversations. For more books, the Stonewall Awards is a great place to start. These awards highlight books with excellent representation of the LGTBQ+ community.


George by Alex Gino

George is very excited to try out for the role of Charlotte for the school production of Charlotte’s Web. But George’s teacher says no, because George is a boy. But George knows she’s really a girl even if everyone else sees a boy. With the help of her best friend, George is determined to find a way to be both Charlotte and herself. Available as an e-audiobook on Hoopla. BONUS: Rick, the companion novel, is also available as an e-audiobook on Hoopla.


Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World by Ashley Herring Blake

After a tornado rips through town, Ivy notices that her notebook is missing. This notebook was special to her…it has her drawings of girls holding hands. But now the drawings are showing up in her school locker with notes encouraging Ivy to be who she is. But who is this mysterious person? Is it Ivy’s crush or someone she hasn’t noticed before? And will she follow their advice to be herself? Available as an e-book on Overdrive. BONUS: Ashley Herring Blake has another juvenile fiction book featuring LGTBQ+ characters, The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James. It’s available as an e-book and e-audiobook on Overdrive.


Hurricane Child by Kacen Callender

Caroline has always been considered bad luck since she was born during a hurricane. No one at school likes her, she can see things no one else can, and years ago her mother left and hasn’t been back. But Caroline is determined to find her mother and the truth of why she left. When new student Kalinda offers to help and shares that she can see what Caroline sees, the two girls soon learn how healing friendship can be. Available as an e-audiobook on Overdrive and Hoopla. BONUS: King and the Dragonflies, another book by Callender and features a boy whose best friend might be gay, is also available as an e-audiobook on Hoopla.


The Best At It by Maulik Pancholy

Rahul is starting 7th grade in a small town in Indiana. His grandfather gives him some advice to start the year: find one thing you’re good at and become the best at it. Rahul isn’t sure what his one thing is, though. But he knows that when he finds it, his bully will leave him alone. He won’t be worried about staring at his classmate Justin. Everything will just be better. And with his best friend Chelsea by his side, Rahul is ready to find that one thing. But will he ever find that one thing he’s good at? Available as an e-book and e-audiobook on Hoopla. FUN FACT: This book was a 2020 Stonewall Honor Book.

Happy reading!