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Learning to Clean Up with Ms. Tracy

kids cleaning up the environment

Do you like to make a mess? Do you find it hard to clean it up? Well, with a little motivation, cleaning can become easier over time. One way to help children clean is to model the action that needs to be done. Weather that is picking up clothes from the ground, or putting dishes in the dishwasher, showing children how this is done is a way for the child to see it visually and understand that it is part of life. Playing music, singing a cleanup song, setting a timer, making up a game to play are other ways to promote cleaning. The best way to get my children to clean and do chores is to make a chart. I would use a white board, a chalkboard, a poster board, or even notebook paper to make a chart. I put their name on the left side, the chores listed on the top of the page and then have the child check off the item or chore they have accomplished that day or for the week. Once the items are checked off, my family and I would celebrate with an extra story at night before bedtime or they were allowed to do an extra activity that day or another day. 

The following titles are available through Hoopla and our website 

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The following are available as eBook titles to check out:

Cleaning Up by Cecilia Minden talks about how Herbie the bear is always ready for an adventure and that includes cleaning.  

Let’s Clean Up! by Lois Fortuna shows readers how to clean in the house, a car, and even in the yard. The story shows that it is tough to clean, but it can be fun. 

It’s Time to Clean Up by Kim Mitzo Thompson has a sing along song and simple directions to keep children interested in the reasons to clean. 

We Help Clean Up by Lynda Arnez talks about the importance of keeping a clean home and the keeping positive attitudes when cleaning. 

Curious George Cleans Up by H. A. Rey is about George, a monkey that spills grape juice on a new rug. He tries many different ways to clean the stain, but it is hard to do. 

Amelia Bedelia Cleans Up by Herman Parish is about Amelia, a housekeeper, who with her friends, cleans up a vacant lot and builds a clubhouse for explorers. This is a chapter novel. 

How We Clean Up a Park by Robin Nelson shows how children plan to help the park to clean up. 

Kids Can Clean Up Trash by Cecilia Minden talks about cleaning up the environment, the importance of picking up trash and preserving the earth. This is a Level 3 guided reader. 

Hector Helps Clean Up the Park by Claire Culliford is a book about a hedgehog that wants to help a friend and the environment at the same time. This is the first book in the series. 

Jonathan Cleaned Up-Then He Heard a Sound by Robert Munsch talks about a funny story of cleaning and a discovered mystery after he cleaned up. 

Keeping It Clean: Time to Wash Up by Cecilia Minden talks about cleaning up and hand washing. This is a Level 1 guided reader. 

The following list of resources can help parents and children to clean around the house and the environment:

Fun Holiday-Clean Up Your Room Day at shows that picking up trash and spring cleaning can be run. 

National Clean Your Room Dayon shares cleaning activities, a history timeline of cleaning and reasons to love cleaning. 

Clean Up, Pick Up, Put Away Strategy Song from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS Learning Media shows by singing a cleaning song, picking up items is easy to do. 

Cleaning Up from Daniel Tigers Neighborhood on PBS Learning Media shows an article and supporting materials on the importance of cleaning. 

Chore Ideas for Kids Age 2 to 8 on PBS Learning Media helps children discover that they are learning important life and academic still through chores. Helpful tips and tools are also discussed in this article. 

Household Chores for Every Age on gives a printable chart to help parents provide a chart for their child about chores. 

Kids Clean Up Game! on shows a video on how to play a game to help children clean up. 

Here is some information about a game I created: 

Tic Tac Toe Clean Up Game:

tic tac toe rocks

  1. Make a tic tac toe on a piece of paper. 
  2. Decide what the child will be, either x or o. 
  3. Decide what the parent will be, either x or o. 
  4. The child will go first when they have cleaned up one item, they will put an x or o in the box based on doing a chore or picking up an item they cleaned up. 
  5. The adult or parent would go next the same way the child just took a turn. They can pick up an item or do a chore and then put an x or o in the box and take their turn. 
  6. This will go back and forth until the child and adult have gone multiple times and they is either a winner or a draw.  
  7. This game shows cooperation and learning how to cleaning up.  
  8. Have fun! 

Hello! My name is Ms. Tracy and I am a librarian assistant in the Austintown and Michael Kusalaba Library. I am a new librarian assistant and I enjoy reading nonfiction books about travel and animals. My favorite part about being a librarian is helping all of the wonderful people that I get to meet.