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LEGO Challenge: Airplanes!

lego building challenge
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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Please make sure your seatbelt is fastened, your seat is in the upright position and your tray is secure. We are ready for takeoff!

This week our LEGO Build Challenge is to build your own airplane! There are plenty of kits you can use to make really amazing LEGO-planes, but this week we want to see what you come up with.

First grab a piece of scrap paper and get some inspiration. Before I got started, I looked at a few pictures online and then sketched what I wanted my build to look like. There no limitations, so go crazy! Just remember to build the wings!

Tag us on social media using @LibraryMahoningCounty and #PLYMCSTEAM to show us your plane!


Building Ideas

For inspiration, check out these pictures and video from my build. I wanted to make sure there was a cockpit, room on the inside for passengers, and wheels.


First, have a base and add supports on the side and down the middle. Then add the wings and top cover. Next, add a cockpit and single block legos to plug and holes leading to the passenger area.  


Finally, assemble the wheels and attach the underneath the base. 


Enjoy your flight!