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Let it Snow!

Let it snow writing on fresh snow

Children are always looking for ways to enjoy the snow in the winter. Learning about snow is a wonderful way in incorporate STEAM into story times. The following two rhymes can be used to reinforce a snow story or a snow experience a child may encounter over time. Using your hands to tell a story is a clever way to show children how to incorporate numbers and singing into everyday learning. 

It Is Snowing (Are You Sleeping?) 

It is snowing!  

It is snowing! 

Watch it fall.  

Watch it fall. 

Snow is all around.  

Snow is all around.  

Let’s go play!  

Let’s go play! 


One little, two little  

Three little snowflakes. 

Four little, five little 

Six little snowflakes. 

Seven little, eight little 

Nine little snowflakes! 

Ten little snowflakes on your nose! 

Here is a simple science experiment that is sure to encourage young children to play in the snow! 

Melting Snow and Ice 


-3 clear cups with lids or 3 mason jars with lids 

-1 spoon 

-crayon or dry erase marker 


  1. Take a clear mason jar and fill the jar with water until it is about ¾ full. Put the lid on the jar. 
  1. Take another clear mason jar and with a spoon, scoop and pack snow into the jar until filled. Put the lid on the jar. 
  1. Take the third clear mason jar and with a spoon, put ice cubes into the jar until it is full. Put the lid on the jar. Make sure there is enough air in the jar for movement of ice. 
  1. Put the jars beside one another and record the finding every 15 minutes. 
  1. Ask the children what they think will happen. 
  1. Record how full each jar is at each fifteen-minute mark. This can be done with a crayon drawn on the side of a clear plastic cup or a dry erase marker on the side of the mason jar.  
  1. When each of the jars have melted, compare the snow, ice and water filled jars and see which one has the most water in it? Which one has the least amount of water in it? 

This experiment can lead to discussions about snow, ice, and water. 

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