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Letter Scavenger Hunt

Magnifying with wooden alphabets around on the blue background.

Need a fun activity to help your child learn phonics?  Try this easy letter scavenger hunt game.

All you need is scissors, a paper plate, and a marker.

Step 1:  Turn your paper plate upside down.

Step 2:  Write the alphabet around the edge of the plate.

Step 3:  Cut slits in the plate between the letters to the center circle, about two inches in.

You are now ready to play.  Have your scavenger hunt in the house or outside.  Give the plate to your child.  When they find something that starts with a letter, they point it out, say the name, and fold back the correct letter tab.  Try to find as many as you can.  It’s not necessary to find something for every letter.

Learning phonics is an important part of learning to read.  It teaches kids the skills to be able to decode words they don’t know.

Need more phonics help?  Try these titles from Hoopla:

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