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Marnie’s Spanish 101: Community Helpers

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Spanish for Kids – Español Para Niños

¡Hola y Bienvenidos! Welcome to the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County’s Spanish 101 blog series for kids! Here you’ll find some wonderful resources, book suggestions and activities to help your little ones learn Spanish and have fun while doing it!

This week, we’re going to learn the Spanish words for some of our esteemed community helpers!  Watch the video below for an introduction, which is followed by a vocabulary list and recommended reading improve retention.

Watch this great video to learn some of the most common occupations in Spanish


Doctor – doctor/doctora (dohk-tohr)

Teacher – maestro/maestra (mah-ehs-troh)

Police Officer policía (poh-lee-see-ah)

Firefighter – Bombero (bohm-beh-roh)

Construction Worker – trabajador(a) de construcción (trah-bah-hah-dohr deh kohns-trook-syohn)

 Librarian – bibliotecario)a (beeblyohtehkahryoh)

Nurse – enfermero(a) (ehn-fehr-meh-roh)

Lawyer – abogado(a) (ah-boh-gah-doh)

Pilot – piloto(a) (pee-loh-toh)

Farmer – granjero(a) (grahng-heh-roh)

Mechanic – mecánico (meh-kah-nee-koh)

Chef – cocinero (koh-see-neh-roh)

Soldier – soldado(a) (sohl-dah-doh)

Here’s a website to explore!


What is your job? – ¿Qué haces?

What do you do? – ¿A qué te dedicas? / ¿En qué trabaja usted?

Sarah is a police officer – Sarah es policía

He is a farmer – Él es un granjero

I am a lawyer – Soy abogada

 Suggested Reading:

Firefighters to the Rescue/ Bomberos al rescate by Alana Olsen
This bilingual title will help children learn all of the things that firefighters do to keep us safe and fight fires and how important they are in their community.
Available from Overdrive, Digital Download

Jorge el curioso encuentra trabajo by H.A. Rey
Join Curious George in this Spanish edition of “Curious George Takes a Job” as he explores his world outside of the zoo and finds himself a job! Available for Curbside Pickup

Rainbow weaver/Tejedora del arcoíris by Linda Elovitz Marshall

Ixchel, a young Mayan girl who is not allowed to use her mother’s thread to weave, exercises her ingenuity and repurposes plastic bags to create colorful weavings. Includes glossary and author’s note. Available for Curbside Pickup

Careers/Las Carreras by Mary Berendes
This bilingual book provides young readers with familiar scenes and fun illustrations of common everyday career words that will enable them to retain new vocabulary.  Available from Hoopla


Thank you so much for exploring this week’s Spanish 101 for Kids blog! I hope you’ll practice talking about the time in Spanish, it’s a great way to incorporate words you use every day.  We’ll see you next time for more fun Spanish lessons, great books and fun activities!

¡Hasta Luego!



Marnie is the Austintown Unit Assistant Supervisor & Youth Services Team Leader. She was born in Havana, Cuba, and grew up in northeast Ohio where she loved going to the library so much that she knew it was the career for her. When she’s not reading whatever she can get her hands on, she can be found trying new recipes, going for a hike or enjoying a good movie.