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Marnie’s Spanish 101: Let’s Go For a Walk

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¡Hola Amigos! I’m Marnie with the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County and welcome to our Spanish 101 blog series for kids! Here you’ll find some wonderful resources, book suggestions and activities and to help your little ones learn Spanish and have fun while doing it!   

This week, we’re going to learn the Spanish words for some of the things we might find outside So, grab your coats and go for a walk with your child to see how many Spanish words for the world around them they can remember.    

Let’s Go For a Walk – Vamos a dar un paseo

Tree – árbol (ahrbohl) 

Leaf – hoja (ohhah) 

Grass – hierba (yehrbah) 

Rock – roca (rrohkah) 

Flower – flor (flohr) 

House – casa (kahsah) 

Car – carro (kahrroh) 

Bicycle – bicicleta (beeseeklehtah) 

People – gente (hehnteh) 

Cloud – nube (noobeh) 

Sun – so(sohl) 

Rain – lluvia (yoobyah) 

Bird – pájaro (pahhahroh) 

Squirrel – ardilla (ahrdeeyah) 

How to Incorporate These Words in a Sentence:

  • What do you see? – ¿Qué ves?  
  • see a tree – Veo un árbol 
  • see a car – Veo un carro 
  • see a squirrel – Veo una ardilla 


  • Can you see a… – ¿Puedes ver un…? 


  • What is that? – ¿Qué es eso?  
  • That is a cloud – Eso es una nube 


  • Can you find a rock? – ¿Puedes encontrar una roca? 

Recommended Videos & Activities:

Click HERE to watch a video that will help you practice common words for the things we see outside and how to pronounce thecorrectly. 


 Suggested Reading:

Catalog – Available for Curbside Pickup 

Call Me Tree /Llámame árbol by Maya Christina Gonzalez
Follow along as a child gets up and explores the world them and who they want to be in this lovely bilingual tale

My colors, my world / Mis colores, mi mundo by Maya Christina Gonzalez
See the world with fresh eyes as a young girl explores and appreciates everything around her with an eye for its beauty and color. 


Available from Hoopla 

Stick and Stone / Palo y Piedra by Beth Ferry
This fun book will have your child laughing at how Sticks and Stones met and became great friends.   

About Birds/Sobre Los Pajaros by Cathryn Sill
Explore the world of birds from the time they hatch to the moment when they first take flight. Filled with beautiful illustrations, your child will gain an appreciation and awareness of all the different birds we see. 


Thank you so much for exploring this week’s Spanish 101 for Kids blog! I hope you’ll practice talking about the time in Spanish, it’s a great way to incorporate words you use every day.  We’ll see you next time for more fun Spanish lessonsgreat books and fun activities!   

¡Hasta Luego!  



Marnie is the Austintown Unit Assistant Supervisor & Youth Services Team Leader. She was born in Havana, Cuba, and grew up in northeast Ohio where she loved going to the library so much that she knew it was the career for her. When she’s not reading whatever she can get her hands on, she can be found trying new recipes, going for a hike or enjoying a good movie.