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Marnie’s Spanish 101: Opposites – Opuestos

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Spanish for Kids – Español Para Niños  

¡HolaWelcome to the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County’s Spanish 101 blog series for kids! Here you’ll find some wonderful resources, book suggestions and activities to help your little ones learn Spanish and have fun while doing it!    

This week, we’re going to learn some Spanish words for opposites! Learning opposites helps children understand their surroundings, and doing so in Spanish will improve their vocabulary. Once you’ve watched a fun video and practiced sounding out the words, please be sure to check out some of the terrific titles the library can offer.  


Watch this great video to learn the words and pronunciations for Opposites 


The opposite – El opuesto (oh-pwehstoh)
Up – arriba (ah-rree-bah) 
Down – abajo (ah-bahhoh) 
Fast – rápido (rrah-pee-doh)
Slow – lento (lehn-toh)
Open – abierto (ah-byehrtoh)
Close– cerrado (seh-rrah-doh)
High – alto (ahl-toh
Low – bajo (bahhoh)
Day – día (dee-ah)
Night – noche (noh-cheh)
Big – grande (grahn-deh)
Small – pequeño (peh-keh-nyoh)
Long – largo (lahr-goh)
Short – corto (kohr-toh)
Asleep – dormido (dohrmeedoh)
Awake – despierto (dehs-pyehr-toh)
Wet – mojado (moh-hah-doh)
Dry – seco (seh-koh)
Hard – duro(dooroh)
Soft – suave (swahbeh) 


Useful Phrases 

What’s the opposite of _______? – ¿Qué es el opuesto de _______? 

The opposite of _______ is _______.  El opuesto de _______ es _______. 

It is_______. (Its open) – Está  _______. (Está abierto)

What do you see? – ¿Qué ves 

I see something _______. Veo algo _______. 


Fun Learning Activities 

Play I Spy or Veo, Veo! Review some of the words you want to practice with your child, then Say, “Veo, Veo algo____” (I see, I see something _____or “I spy something pequeño (small).” Then ask your child to name and find the opposite.  “Veo veo algo grande” or “I spy something grande (big).”  


Suggested Reading Available from Hoopla:   

Opuestos by Cynthia Weill 
A beautiful book that incorporates Mexican folk art to teach children about opposites in both English and Spanish.    

Opuestos / Opposites by Luana Mitten 
Filled with bright photographs, and using sentences to incorporate opposites, kids will enjoy learning them by connecting the pictures to the words.  

Conozco Ls Opuestos / I Know Opposites by Colin Matthews 
Identifying opposites is fun and accessible in this bilingual title that uses colorful pictures that reinforce the vocabulary they’re learning.   



Thank you so much for exploring this week’s Spanish 101 for Kids blog!  We’ll see you next time for more fun Spanish lessons, great books and fun activities.

¡Hasta Luego



Marnie is the Austintown Unit Assistant Supervisor & Youth Services Team Leader. She was born in Havana, Cuba, and grew up in northeast Ohio where she loved going to the library so much that she knew it was the career for her. When she’s not reading whatever she can get her hands on, she can be found trying new recipes, going for a hike or enjoying a good movie.