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Model Magic Fun and Practice

Do you want to try your hand at pottery or clay shaping, but want some practice first? Try model magic! 


Have you ever wanted to take a pottery class or have something you made fired in a kiln? It may be tough to find an available class right now and studios can be pricey. Model magic is a soft clay-like material that you can shape, without needing water or any special equipment. After you make what you want, you just let it air-dry for 24 hours. I decided to try my hand at a simple model magic design idea.  


Fish Design

clay model fish

Start by selecting three colors. Portion them out evenly. Next, take two of the colors and stretch them parallel to each other. Twist the two strands and then mold into a football shape. This is the body of the fish, which has a tie-dyed look. 


clay model fish fins 

Next, shape four fins (one for the top and two on the sides and one in the back). I tried to taper the edge of the fins to be thinner than the base because that gives more material to cling to the body. The eyes and side fins should be as identical as you can get them. Finally, apply these elements by using some pressure and push into the body of the fish.  


If you weren’t completely frustrated by this experience, then it may be time for you to find a pottery wheel and give it a spin! 

For more ideas, visit Crayola’s Model Magic site. Remember to tag the library on social media if you make a cool project!