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Mother’s Day Craft for Children

MD craft 1
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Do you want to make a fun and easy craft for your mother or someone who is like a mother?  Create this beautiful Mother’s Day Card!

All you need is:

  • Colored paper or you can color on white paper,
  • glue, glue stick, tape, or stapler,
  • scissors,
  • markers, color pencils, or crayons.

Step 1:

Either draw a flower pot or print out this image and trace to any size desired

Step 2:

Trace image of flower pot on brown construction paper or color the image with your coloring utensils! Then cut out.*

*Scissor skills are a kindergarten readiness skill 

Step 3:

Cut strips of paper (about 1 inch thick and about half a papers width) of different color construction paper or white paper which could be colored these will be your petals!

Suggestion: each flower has around 6-8 petals so each flower will need 6-8 strips of paper 

So do the math! How many flowers will you make ____ x 8 = ?

Step 4:

Lightly fold (without creasing) the strips of paper. Reach one end to the other (you will make a loop like the picture below) and either tape together, staple together, or glue together! Whichever you decide

I used tape to connect the ends together.

Step 5:

Next you will connect the ends together, forming a circle, to create the petal effect. Tape, glue, or staple the ends to make the middle of the flower. Then cut out a circle to adhere to the center of the flower.

Step 6:

Cut a strip of green construction paper or color a strip of paper to be the flower stem. Then attach the stem to the back of the flower.

Continue steps 4 through 6 to create as many flowers as you want!

Step 7:

Attach the stems of the flowers to the back of the flowerpot with tape or glue.

MD craft step 7

Step 8: Personalize your flowerpot with a message. Write a nice note while practicing you letters or cursive with black marker!

MD craft 1

Final step: Give this lovely card to your loved one!