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Mother’s Day Craft for Children

MD craft 1

Do you want to make a fun and easy craft for your mother or someone who is like a mother?  Create this beautiful Mother’s Day Card!

All you need is:

  • Colored paper or you can color on white paper,
  • glue, glue stick, tape, or stapler,
  • scissors,
  • markers, color pencils, or crayons.

Step 1:

Either draw a flower pot or print out this image and trace to any size desired

Step 2:

Trace image of flower pot on brown construction paper or color the image with your coloring utensils! Then cut out.*

*Scissor skills are a kindergarten readiness skill 

Step 3:

Cut strips of paper (about 1 inch thick and about half a papers width) of different color construction paper or white paper which could be colored these will be your petals!

Suggestion: each flower has around 6-8 petals so each flower will need 6-8 strips of paper 

So do the math! How many flowers will you make ____ x 8 = ?

Step 4:

Lightly fold (without creasing) the strips of paper. Reach one end to the other (you will make a loop like the picture below) and either tape together, staple together, or glue together! Whichever you decide

I used tape to connect the ends together.

Step 5:

Next you will connect the ends together, forming a circle, to create the petal effect. Tape, glue, or staple the ends to make the middle of the flower. Then cut out a circle to adhere to the center of the flower.

Step 6:

Cut a strip of green construction paper or color a strip of paper to be the flower stem. Then attach the stem to the back of the flower.

Continue steps 4 through 6 to create as many flowers as you want!

Step 7:

Attach the stems of the flowers to the back of the flowerpot with tape or glue.

MD craft step 7

Step 8: Personalize your flowerpot with a message. Write a nice note while practicing you letters or cursive with black marker!

MD craft 1

Final step: Give this lovely card to your loved one!

Amy Beth

Amy is a Youth Services Library Assistant at the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County. She graduated college with a degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. After many years in the classroom, she was able to combine her love of books with her joy of reading by working at the library. Her favorite pastimes include hiking, kayaking or anything that gets her outdoors.