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National Flip a Coin Day

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Have you ever had to make a choice and just used a coin to help make that decision? Did you know there is a day dedicated just for this day? June 1st is National Flip a Coin Day.

The notion of flipping a coin dates all the way back to Julius Caesar. He would flip a coin when he could not make a clear choice, and of course his coin had a picture of himself on it. The “right” answer was always “heads”.

So as a family, take today and use a coin to help make any of your decisions through the day and have fun! Make sure to post to #PLYMCAnywhere of your family flipping coins to decide on activities.


Jenni Hemphill is the current Assistant Supervisor for the Boardman, Springfield, and Greenford locations. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Deaf Education (K-12) in 2001 and a Master’s of Library and Information Science plus K-12 degree in 2015, both from Kent State University. She taught at the Ohio School for the Deaf for ten years, where she taught all ages, and has been a contract interpreter for the deaf locally.

She started at PLYMC back in 2014 and loves helping patrons, of any age, find their next best read, and going out into the community to schools for off-site programming. She currently runs the ASL Club Program for PLYMC.

Her and her husband have two children, who attend Springfield Local Schools. She loves to read, spend time with family, and trying new things.