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National Inventor’s Month: Children’s Edition

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Have you ever wondered who invented the first car or airplane? Chances are we would not have those items if it was not for people who were curious about how things worked and how to improve upon something that already exists. These people are called inventors and May is National Inventor’s Month. 

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The following are available as eBook titles to check out:

Weird-But-True Facts about Inventions by Arnold Ringstad

Inventions of Space Exploration by Mike Downs

Prototyping Your Inventions by Kristin Fontichiaro

Women Invent!  by Susan Casey

50 Wacky Inventions Throughout History by Joe Rhatigan

Who Invented the Movie Camera? by Karen Lachana Kenney

Cool Kid Inventions by Laura Hamilton Waxman

The Kids’s Invention Book by Arlene Erlbach

Inventing the Video Game by Heather Adamson

Who Invented the Television? by Karen Latchana Kenney

Great Invention Fails by Barbara Krasner

Modern Era Inventions by Tech Tron

Inventions in Reading and Writing by Cory MacPherson

Everyday Inventions by Samantha Bell

Inventing the Internet by Cynthia Kennedy Henzel

Inventions in Fashion by Lisa Hiton

Inventors and Inventions by Various Authors

Simple Inventions: Kooking with Less by Liz Huyck

Simple Inventions: Lighting with Less by Liz Huyck

Inventions by Joe Rhatigan

Stinky Sanitation Inventions by Katie Marsico

Genius Transportation Inventions by Matt Turner

Genius Communication Inventions by Matt Turner

Genius Engineering Inventions by Matt Turner

Genius Optical Inventions by Matt Turner

Technology and Inventions by Various Authors

Inventions in Music by Lisa Hiton

Inventions in Architecture by Pamela Toler

Marvelous Medical Inventions by Ryan Jacobson

Fabulous Fashion Inventions by Laura Hamilton Waxman

Terrific Transportation by Laura Hamilton Wazman

Fun Food Inventions by Nadia Higgins

Additional Information about National Inventors Month and Resources include:

Learn: National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum  from the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Learn: National Inventors Hall of Fame  from

Watch: 47th Annual National Inventors Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Highlights (2019) on

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Teach: 15 Lesson Plans Teaching the Power of Inventions on NewsHour through


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