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Pi or not to Pi, That is the Question!

Pi Day blueberry pie
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Happy Pi Day!

What in the world is “Pi”? Is it apple flavored or peach flavored? No, of course not! It’s not that kind of “pie”! This crazy mathematical concept starts with what’s known as the circumference around a circle, or the outline of the circle. Then, take the diameter of the circle, which is the line straight across the center of the circle. When you divide the circumference by diameter, you will always get “Pi,” or those crazy numbers of 3.14159….. which goes on and on and has no pattern, no matter the size of your circle! And so we celebrate “Pi” on 3.14 (March 14)!

Click on this link Pi coloring page to print and decorate your own “Pi.” Take a picture of your creation and make sure to tag us on Instagram #PLYMC to share! Have fun!

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