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Have you ever visited a farm? Maybe some of you are lucky enough to live on a farm!  I’m sure you’ve all read books about farms and farm animals.  Do you have a favorite animal on the farm?  It’s a tough decision, but I think my very favorite farm animals are the pigs.  Big or small, clean or covered with mud, I think pigs are cute—and did you know they are also very smart?   

To learn more about pigs, check out National Geographic for Kids online When you get there, scroll right to see a slideshow with awesome pig pictures, then scroll down for more information about these amazing animals.  Just be sure you scroll all the way to the bottom—you don’t want to miss the video of adorable Chris P. Bacon and his pigmobile! 

If you’re ready to read, these picture books about pigs are available in digital format through either Libby or Hoopla: 

Little Oink  

Captain Small Pig  

Peppa’s New Friend 

Dream Big, Little Pig!  

Pig Pig Returns 

The Three Little PIgs 

These books can be requested from our in-library collection using Curbside Pick-up: (For information about Curbside Pick-up, click here. ) 

Mr. Pig’s Big Wall 

The Three Little Pigs Count to 100 

The Three Ninja Pigs 

Pigs to the Rescue! 

I’m a Pig 

You can also use Curbside Pick-up to reserve a copy of the much-loved family movieBabe 

Craft Time!

To make this simple pig craft you will need: 

Pink construction paper (or any color you prefer) 

Black construction paper (or a marker) 


Glue stick 

Marker or crayon 


Cut out: 

1 large pink circle (head) 

1 smaller pink circle (snout) 

2 triangles (ears) 

2 rectangles (legs) 

2 black circles (nostrils) 

pig craft pieces


Use glue stick to attach the pig’s ears, legs, and snout. 

Glue the black circles on the snout, or use marker to draw the nostrils. 

Use marker to draw the eyes and mouth.  

pig craft assembled


Vikki is a youth services librarian at the Poland Branch of the Library. Her favorite things include nursery rhymes, story time, and helping people of all ages find just the right book. When she isn’t at the library, Vikki enjoys reading (surprise!) and spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.