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Pocket Pets for Kids

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Pocket Pets for Kids: Books and Resources About Furry Friends 

Are you considering adding a new member to your family? For some people, dogs and cats are not an option, but you still may be looking for a furry friend. Pocket pets can be a great option! Hamsters, mice, rabbits, gerbils, and other critters can offer companionship and interaction, enriching your home when given the proper care. Some of these little creatures, like rats, can even be trained to do tricks and use a litterbox! 

Taking on a new pet, no matter how small, can be a lot of responsibility, so you may be wondering where to start. Here are some resources to help guide you to the right decision for you and teach you the ins and outs of proper small pet care. All of these titles and series are good starting points for young potential pocket pet owners. 

Nonfiction picks: 

If you aren’t sure what kind of pocket pet might suit you and your family, perhaps start with Is a Guinea Pig a Good Pet for Me? will answer your questions as you try to pick an animal friend, part of the Best Pet for Me series. As a kid, sometimes it’s hard to know what responsibilities are involved with small pets. The How to Convince Your Parents You Can… series has titles for all kinds of small pets, including more exotic species like chinchillas and hedgehogs. Make sure to be extra cautious when considering an exotic pet. Available for Curbside Pickup at the library is Choosing A Hamster, Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Ferret, Mouse, or Rat:  How to Choose and Care for A Small Mammal by Laura S. Jeffrey 


Once you think you’ve found the best pet for you, make sure you read up on how to properly care for them! The Complete Care Made Easy series and the Pet Care Library series has titles focusing on Hamsters and Rabbits, while the Caring for My Pet series includes books about caring for a pet Ferret or Guinea Pig. You can also learn about some more unusual pets in the Pet What?! titles, such as My Pet Rat. For a more comprehensive guide about what you’re getting into, try The Illustrated Practical Guide to Small Pets and Petcare: Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Birds, Reptiles, Fish by David Alderton, who has also written a few other small pet care guides (available for Curbside Pickup). 

No matter what pocket pet you bring into your home, the experience is extremely rewarding when you give your new friend the attention and care they need. Make sure you do proper research about the right toys, food, cages, and training for your animals.