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Recycling with Ms. Tracy 

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Do you ever wonder what happened to that piece of trash that was thrown away? Recycling is just one of the things that happens to that piece of trash. Recycling turns unwanted and used materials and waste into new materials that can be used again. When items are recycled, this helps to reduce pollution and energy.


Different items can be recycled including paper, plastics, metals, and glass. There are three different ways to recycle and the first way is a curbside collection that would include picking up recycle materials from the street. This type of collection may have a special container that the material is put in and a truck that looks like a garbage truck would come and pick up the waste.

The second type of recycling would be a drop off center. This would be a location within a community or other agency that allows people to bring their waste to the area and it is collected into different bins according to what is being recycled. This drop off center would have many bins that would collect paper, glass, plastic, and metals.

The third kind of pick up is the buyback centers. These locations may include aluminum recycling businesses that take cans, weights the items, and then gives back money for the items that are turned in. Another type of buyback center could be a place that takes glass and does much the same as the metal. The glass is weighed and the money is given back to the person that turned the glass in.

When glass is recycled, even if the items are separated, the color of the glass remains the same, so the different colors of glass would have to be further separated into other categories according to color. There are many interesting facts about recycling and these are just a few facts to show that recycling is important to cleaning and conservation.

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The following are available as eBook titles to check out:

What Matters by Alison Hughes is a fiction book that shows how a boy’s one piece of trash makes a positive impact on society and the environment.

What a Waste! by Hedley Griffin is a fiction book that shows how a rabbit and his friends learn to make compost from recycled material.

My Family Goes Green!  by Gillian Clifton is a fiction book that shows a girl and her family beginning to use clean energy in their lives.

Pierre the French Bulldog Recycles by Kate Louise is a fiction book that shows a dog named Pierre realizes that when he threw away some old trash, he forgot to recycle and he tracks the trash down in time to still be recycled.

Curious George Discovers Recycling by H. A. Rey is a fiction books that shows how a monkey named Curious George wants to learn how to recycle and what recycling is about.

Don’t Throw It Away!  by Amy Tao is a nonfiction books that shows the difference between recycle, reuse, and reduce.

Go Green by Recycling by Lisa Bullard is a nonfiction book that shows fun facts, interesting figures, asks questions that will keep readers interested about recycling.

The following list of children’s resources all talk about recycling:

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