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Did you know that children who are introduced to a second language show greater cognitive development in mental flexibility, creativity, reasoning, and problem-solving?  Studies show that kids who study a foreign language also score higher on tests in reading, math, and language arts. Here you will find a list of resources, book suggestions, activities and songs to help your little ones quickly learn new words in Spanish and have fun while doing it!

The following resources provided by the library contain lessons for children as well as for adults.  Check them out!

Recommended titles available from Hoopla:

Hoopla has many language learning resources, as well as books, audiobooks and music to supplement your learning experience.

Bilingual Baby – Spanish Language Video

  • Bilingual Baby® total immersion language features Live-Action and real children using everyday objects in familiar surroundings to make fast learning connections.


Palo Y Piedra/Stick And Stone by Beth Ferry, Tom Lichtenheld
When Stick rescues Stone from a prickly situation with a Pinecone, the pair becomes fast friends. But when Stick gets stuck, can Stone return the favor?
Grade Level: Preschool and up 


Colores (Colors) by by J. Jean Robertson
Bright, Full Page Photographs And Playful Text Introduces Young Tots To Colors.
Grade Level: Preschool – 1


Animales Bebés (Animal Babies) by by Charles Reasoner
Brimming with bright colors, playful illustrations and photographs, and simple text, this book is the perfect first book for young minds.
Grade Level: Preschool – Kindergarten


The Sad, Sad Monster / El Triste Triste Monstruo by Dolores Costello
The Sad, Sad Monster is a cute book for monster-loving toddlers through beginning readers. Simple sentences make this a perfect first reader.
Grade Level: Preschool – 3


Bilingual Fairy Tales Peter Pan by Carol Ottolenghi
Join Peter Pan, Wendy, and the Lost Boys on an adventure in Neverland as they battle the evil Captain Hook!
Grade Level: 1 – 3


Spanish-English Picture Dictionary by Catherine Bruzzone, Louise Millar
It’s never too soon to start teaching boys and girls a second language, and this book presents pages filled with cheerful color pictures that help teach Spanish words to English-speaking children in early grades.
Grade Level: 2 – 4

Would you like to learn some simple words and phrases in Spanish?

Hello = Hola (oh-lah)

Goodbye = Adiós (ah-dyohs)

Good Morning = Buenos Días (bweh-nohs dee-ahs)

Please = Por favor (pohr fah-bohr)

Thank you = Gracias (grah-syahs)

You’re welcome = De nada (deh nah-dah)

How are you? = ¿Cómo estás? (koh-moh ehs-tahs)

Very Good = Muy Bien (mwee byehn)

What’s your name? = ¿Cómo te llamas? (koh-moh teh yah-mahs)

My name is ___ = Me llamo (meh yah-moh) ___   or Mi nombre es (mee nohm-breh ehs) ___

Buenos songNow let’s learn a song with some of the words we’ve learned!

The Good Morning, or Buenos Dias Song, is the perfect song to help students remember basic greetings.

The “Buenos Dias Song” (To the tune of “Frere Jacque”)


Buenos Dias (2X)

¿Cómo estás? (2X)

Muy Bien Gracias (2X)

Adios (…2X)

Marnie is the Assistant Supervisor of the Austintown and Michael Kusalaba Libraries. Originally from Havana, Cuba, the library was an invaluable resource that supported her through every stage of her life.  She is passionate about reading, the pursuit of lifelong learning, and helping patrons of all ages and walks of life.  When she’s not reading, she can be found trying new recipes, or going for long hikes.  Fortunately, both can be done while listening to an audiobook!


Marnie is the Austintown Unit Assistant Supervisor & Youth Services Team Leader. She was born in Havana, Cuba, and grew up in northeast Ohio where she loved going to the library so much that she knew it was the career for her. When she’s not reading whatever she can get her hands on, she can be found trying new recipes, going for a hike or enjoying a good movie.