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STEAM Activity Books to Spark Creativity

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 STEAM activities are a great way to engage new skills and creative thinking, all while learning something along the way! Here is a list of kid-friendly activity books to get you started, with hundreds of recipes, experiments, and projects. All of these titles available to borrow on Hoopla and can be found in the Juvenile Nonfiction tag. 

Amazing (Mostly) Edible Science will let you explore science in the kitchen (and maybe have a snack!) with edible experiments. 

An Eye For Art focuses on the “A” in STEAM, pairing famous artists’ work with activities so children can learn as they do. 

The Book of Massively Epic Engineering Disasters is part of the Irresponsible Science series and connects its activities to engineering concepts. 

The Curious Kid’s Science Book offers over one hundred activities aimed at children ages 4 to 8, spanning different sciences. 

DIY Box Creations gives your family something to do with those leftover boxes from online orders or grocery trips.  

Drawing School gives young artists step-by-step instructions to draw hundreds of shapes and subjects—helpful for designing new inventions!  

Geology Lab for Kids explores activities for budding geologists, from crystal formation to how to identify common rocks. 

Junk Drawer Chemistry does not require any special supplies to teach children about chemistry. What can you learn with the junk in your junk drawer? 

A Kid’s Guide to Awesome Duct Tape Projects teaches kids of all ages to make everything from flowers to creatures to costumes. 

Kitchen Science Lab for Kids is another cooking-focused activity book that uses common household ingredients. 

Mason Jar Crafts for Kids shows young crafters that mason jars are not just for canning! 

Rosie Revere’s Big Project Book for Bold Engineers, a companion to Rosie Revere, Engineer, features activities that concentrate on the designing/engineering process (including mishaps!). 

STEAM Lab for Kids uses activities to explore the connection between art and STEM. 

Sticks and Stones takes you into the backyard for supplies to inspire engineering and building projects. Make something out of nature! 

Ultimate Slime offers over a hundred recipes and activities for young slime enthusiasts. Experiment with color and texture! 


Looking to explore even more fun with your young maker, artist, or scientist? Here are some additional book series for young makers. All are available on Hoopla and span many different STEAM topics and interests. 

Build It Yourself includes titles exploring many different scientific disciplines, from biology to physics, with many books including hands-on activities and critical thinking exercises. 

Cool Art with Math and Science explores math and science using art projects, with titles centering on activities like tessellation, paper folding, and string art. 

Makers as Innovators Junior focuses especially on technology and Makerspaces, including titles about inventing, coding, and web development. 

Make It! also offers titles on activities young makers might do in a Makerspace. 

Make It Yourself has a few titles available across a wide variety of maker topics, primarily focusing on different arts.  

Make Your Own Fun includes books that show children how to do different types of magic tricks with household items, as well as a couple of art titles.