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STEAM Challenge: Art!

steam challenge
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We challenge you to create a tessellation. You may be asking yourself what is a tessellation? A tessellation, sometimes known as tiling, is a repeating pattern created by a geometric shape that fits perfectly together to create a design. There should be no gaps or overlapping in your pattern. Think of it like a puzzle piece, a quilt, or a honeycomb. 

Your Goal is to create your own polygonal (many sided) shape on one piece of, cut it out and trace it onto a sheet of paper (which will represent your plane) to create your original pattern. Then color it and share it with us! Tag us @LibraryMahoning County #PLYMCSTEAM

An Example to Inspire You

First, draw a shape:

Then trace your shape to create your tessellation. Here is my completed design:

We can’t wait to see your creation!