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STEAM Challenge: LEGO Sun Prints

steam challenge
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This week, we challenge you to make a LEGO sun print!  All you need are LEGOs, construction paper, and the sunTake LEGOs and place them on a piece of construction paper.  I used purple construction paper, but you can try different color.  Place the paper out in the sun.  I taped the paper to a tray and placed it in the sun since it was a windy day.  I left the LEGO print outside for 3 hours.   

LEGO sun print

LEGOs out in the sun

As you can see, the sun caused the purple construction paper to fade to a gray color.  You can see the outlines of where the LEGOs were placed on the paper. 

The sun is made up of ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays can break down the chemical bonds in different materials changing their color.   

You can try variations on the activity by using different types and colors of paper or change the amount of time you leave the paper in the sun.  

Post a picture of your sun print on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag @librarymahoningcounty #PLYMCSTEAM

We can’t wait to see what you make!