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Taz and Friends: Animals Down Under in Australia


When you hear Tasmanian devil do you automatically think of a famous cartoon character? Perfectly understandable! But how much do you know about the real-life animal? Tasmanian devils live in Australia, a continent that is brimming with wacky, adorable, and sometimes terrifying creatures! Follow the links below to experience some of Australia’s most interesting animals.









For an overview of Australian wildlife, start with this amazing slideshow, or take a video tour of Australia Zoo with Robert Irwin.


Check out these links to read more about:


Then try a few National Geographic Kids’ videos:

  • Koala munching on eucalyptus is found here
  • Too many kangaroos? Impossible! See them here
  • Watch the amazing crocodile living its life right here
  • Feeling fearless? Watch zoologist Jack Randall get up close and personal with crocodiles and a giant python.


Need more cuteness?
The San Diego Zoo offers a live koala cam, where you can watch this adorable marsupial 24/7.









Do you want to find out more about Australia and its amazing animals? These digital books are available from the library through the Hoopla app!


Crafts and Games:

  • Follow these simple steps to create your own Lizard Lair; if you’re really lucky, maybe you’ll catch a blue-tongued skink!
  • Capture the colors of the Great Barrier Reef with this slick art project.
  • Find the endangered animals in this fun, challenging word search.


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