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Author Spotlight: Neil Gaiman


If you’re unfamiliar with Neil Gaiman, chances are you’ve still encountered his work in one form or another. Gaiman is a prolific, multiple award-winning English author who works across multiple media, including nonfiction, TV episodes, comic books, and short stories. While he seamlessly blends genres, he is most famous for his fantasy works. If he didn’t initially write a story in a specific format, chances are it has been adapted, whether into… read more >>

Art in YA Fiction

Hello, art lovers! A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes words paint a pretty awesome picture, too. And these YA books featuring art create some pretty fantastic portraits of their characters. After all, writing is a form of art! So take some time to give your brushes and pencils a rest so you… read more >>

Buckeye Children & Teen Book Awards

buckeye book award

Looking for book recommendations? Why not read books nominated by students like you!? The Buckeye Children’s & Teen Book Awards (BCTBA) are the only state awards for books that are nominated by and voted on by students across the state.   Check out and read these 2020 nominees:    For Grades K-2        Back Roads, Country Toads by Devin Scillian   Carl and… read more >>

Family Cooking 

Do you have a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation? These authors do! Cooking and baking are traditions as valuable and deep as any. It’s a big day when you finally get to learn how to make those delicious meatballs or see what special ingredient your aunt uses in her shortbread. The best… read more >>

Fiction about Food

woman reading and eating

Do you need books that can make your mouth water? Food can be as important in fiction as characters, and we don’t have to turn to a cookbook for delicious descriptions. Try some of these books if you’ve got food on the brain: Like Water for Chocolate  by Laura Esquivel Tita is cursed being the youngest… read more >>

Wild Reads

reading in nature

Sometimes the truth is crazier than fiction! These titles are the nonfiction accounts of some pretty wild times and adventures in nature. Check one out to see for yourself!  Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is the true story of Christopher John McCandless. In April 1992, McCandless walked alone into the Alaskan wilderness, after having abandoned or given away most of his… read more >>

The Butler Did It!

mystery books

British Mystery Novels: A selection of mysteries set in the UK Why are British detective novels so good? While some follow a formula, others are deeply twisty, and keep you guessing. Here are a selection of my favorites, many of which you might be familiar with from their television adaptations. A Great Deliverance by Elizabeth George The first book in… read more >>