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National Kindergarten Day! Let’s Celebrate!

children learning letters in kindergarten

Get out your crayons, markers, and pencils… it’s time to celebrate National Kindergarten Day! Each year on April 21st, we honor and celebrate the birthday of Friedrich Fröbel, the founder of kindergarten. Fröbel believed that children learn best through play and experience. He developed the first kindergarten in Germany in 1837. However, it wasn’t until… read more >>

Clothespin Butterfly – Take & Make Craft for Kids

This month’s Kids Take and Make Craft is a clothespin butterfly. Butterflies are herbivores that eat plants and leaves. These insects have been around for over 56 million years and have three separate body parts and six legs. Egg, larvae, pupa, and adult are the four stages in the life cycle of a butterfly.  Let’s make a clothespin butterfly craft!  Clothespin… read more >>

Pi or not to Pi, That is the Question!

Pi Day blueberry pie

Happy Pi Day! What in the world is “Pi”? Is it apple flavored or peach flavored? No, of course not! It’s not that kind of “pie”! This crazy mathematical concept starts with what’s known as the circumference around a circle, or the outline of the circle. Then, take the diameter of the circle, which is… read more >>

Math + Art = Pi Day (or Any Day!) Fun

Pi Day Activity

Children do not need to be advanced mathematicians to celebrate Pi Day. This easy math art project is easily adaptable for kids of all ages. The only skills necessary are counting to 9, coloring mostly in the lines, and some creativity.    Materials:  ½ inch graph paper  Black marker or crayon  Crayons, markers, watercolors, chalk, or colored pencils   … read more >>

At Home Ideas to Enhance Learning for Elementary Schoolers:  St. Patrick’s Day

Rainbow walking water science experiment

Whether your child is back in school full-time, a  combined  virtual/school student or  an  all-virtual  learner, you may be thinking of ways to build on their  education at home.  The following  activities are a fun way to practice math, science, literacy, movement, and music  on St. Patrick’s Day.  Rainbow Shaker Wand To create this musical craft you will need the following supplies: Paper towel… read more >>

Learn popular phrases in American Sign Language with Miss Jenni


Have you always wanted to learn American Sign Language, or ASL? Here is your chance! Watch the following video on how to sign just some popular phrases.    Check out our catalog for books to learn more and practice:    –What’s up, Chuck? By Leo Landry   –See You Later, Gladiator by Jon Scieszka  –What’s Your Favorite Food?… read more >>