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Financial Literacy Month Podcast


This month’s episode of the PLYMC Library Anywhere Podcast focuses on financial literacy. Did you know that Ohio signed a law in November 2021 which requires high school students (starting with the class of 2025) to pass a personal finance course before they can graduate? Tune in to hear three librarians discuss what financial literacy… read more >>

100 Easy Tips for Saving Money!

Saving money

Keep a tally of everything you buy for a week. Look for patterns, and decide if recurring expenditures can be reduced or eliminated. Making friends is fun, healthy, and cheap entertainment. Think of fun and unique activities you can all do as a group for cheap, like inviting everyone over for games and snacks, and… read more >>

Small Business Saturday

small business owner coffee shop

Saturday, November 27th is Small Business Saturday. After celebrating Thanksgiving, it is an American tradition to go shopping.  Lots of people like to get started early with their holiday shopping.  A number of stores even open the night of Thanksgiving (to some controversy).  The next day is famously (or perhaps infamously) known as Black Friday.  Black Friday is typically… read more >>

Micro-Credentials and Badges

Set of company training badge certificates, mechanical, architect, geodesist, engineer and specialist.

As the world advances with the evolution of fast-moving technology, humans must adapt quickly, especially in the work and career environment.  Micro-credentials are becoming the reality for many students and adults.  It is vitally important to upskill or reskill so that you stay relevant and qualify for jobs that pay you an affordable living wage.   What are… read more >>

How to Read a Job Description

job description and rscope of work - many uses in the HR industry

When applying for jobs, a well written job description is what attracts someone to a particular job.  The job description should paint a picture of the place and may tell the reader about the work environment, the company culture, required skills, responsibilities and qualities they expect from a candidate. Below are some valuable links that… read more >>

Want to Create a Quick Resume?

Photo of copies of a resume on desk with plants and laptop

The library has a few resources to help you with resume writing. We have all of them linked on our Career Resources webpage under the heading of Resume Writing. The resource which is the quickest for creating resumes, gives great helpful tips on what to put in all the sections on a resume, has versatility in switching between resume… read more >>