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Remote Learning: Homeschooling Teaching Methods and Useful Websites

Homeschooling Methods Homeschooling approaches are very unique and diverse. Usually, a family will take from the different styles and create one all their own. Over the last 10 years, homeschooling has become more popular because of the different ideas and suggested styles there are to follow. Parents may choose to follow one type of approach and then eventually change… read more >>

New Year, Improved Mind with Online Resources

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Happy New Year! Are you one of the many that has made a New Year’s Resolution? A popular goal many people choose to do is to learn something new.  If you are interested in picking up new skills or crafts, we have many online resources to help you succeed! To make them easy to find, we have… read more >>

2020 Election – Rumors, Conspiracies vs Facts, Reality

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It’s 2020, another election has just finished, and yet again misinformation has been on the rise.  Rumors and conspiracies can be fun to read and share, but it’s always good to check for facts as well.  For many of us, it’s like sharing gossip.  Sometimes we share it for the laugh it provides, sometime because… read more >>

School Subjects in American Sign Language with Miss Jenni


Have you always wanted to learn American Sign Language? Here is your chance! Watch the following video on how to sign various school subjects, like Math, Reading, or Biology. To help practice these signs yourself or with your family, check out the following list of books from our catalog:   –I’m Trying to Love Math by Bethany Barton  –The Boy… read more >>

Media Bias and Information Literacy

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With the November election quickly approaching, it may be difficult to figure out how to avoid false or misleading information when trying to determine a candidate’s views. From social media to television, many people aren’t sure where to turn for reliable, fact-based reporting.   According to the Digital Resource Center’s Glossary for News Literacy, media bias is “pattern of unfairness or willful inaccuracy over… read more >>

Homeschooling Tips and Tools


Learning is very different this year due to COVID 19. The traditional method of teaching in school, virtually, remote, or a hybrid of either is becoming common place. Parents may be thinking about homeschooling as an option to teaching their children. Homeschooling is the ability to teach school subjects not at school, but at home to children.   Homeschooling began in the 1970s… read more >>

Public Domain Resources and You

What is public domain? Works of creative expression—such as films, writings, patents for inventions, and images—are considered to be in the public domain when no one (creator or company) holds exclusive intellectual property rights. Put more simply, no copyright applies these works, so you are free to use them however you like!  In the United States, copyright protects “original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression,” but in some cases this… read more >>