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This Week in Nature: Lilac as Medicine

Blooming lilac flowers

The information contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Lilac is a common springtime flower, but did you know that it’s edible? That’s right — lilac, the flower that graces many nostrils with its heavenly… read more >>

Holocaust Memorial Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Holocaust Memorial Day is a solemn occasion, commemorating the 6 million Jews and 5 million others who perished in the Holocaust at the hands of Nazi Germany.  This day is a time to reflect on the lives lost, as well as the heroism and the Jewish resistance during that terrifying period (1933-1945). Holocaust Memorial Day… read more >>

Pollinators and Pollinator Plants

Monarch butterfly on a milkweed flower

Pollinators and Pollinator Plants Milkweed and mint are examples of flowering plants that provide food for pollinators; animals that help plants reproduce and spread by carrying pollen from plant to plant. Insects such as bees, butterflies, moths, and beetles, birds such as hummingbirds, and even some bats, are all pollinators that eat the sugary nectar… read more >>

What Are Pollinators?

bumblebee on flower covered in pollen

What are pollinators? Pollinators are animals that carry pollen from flower to flower. They land on a flower to eat its nectar, and some of the flower’s powdery pollen attaches to their bodies. As the pollinator travels to a new flower, some of the pollen comes off of the animal’s body and sticks to the… read more >>

Mermaid Garden

Mermaid Reading in a Fairy Garden with Succulents

With spring around the corner, and things starting to bloom outside (crocusus!), it’s natural to want to bring a little bit of your garden inside, by creating a Container Garden.  But not just any old garden… A mermaid container garden!  Use your imagination (and creativity) to visit new and different worlds, like underwater!  It’s easy… read more >>

Tidying Up Your Computer

Lego minifigure cleaning keyboard with a broom.

Keeping your computer clean is important for the appearance, function, upkeep, and ease of use of your computer.  Here are some super-simple things that anyone can do to clean your computer (without taking it apart), and also, to organize the stuff INSIDE your computer (that is, your software and other processes). Clean Your Keyboard Unplug… read more >>

Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month

Black History Month is a recognition of history, achievements and influence of the African American community. Since 1976, every U.S. president has recognized February as Black History Month. Learn more about Black History Month by exploring these links: Entrepreneurship in the Black Community locally Use Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA) to search by the category of business… read more >>

February is National Bird Feeding Month

bird at feeder

Are you looking for a new hobby?  Something to brighten up the mid-winter blues and help wildlife at the same time?  February is National Bird Feeding Month.  What a great time to start this hobby!  The National Bird-Feeding Society began to publicize bird-feeding and bird-watching in order to promote it as a hobby.    Some… read more >>