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Musical Songbooks

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Did you know the library offered printed music and songbooks? Whether you already read music or are just learning an instrument, you can borrow printed music for free. Here is just a small sampling of the variety of songbooks offered at the library.   Piano Songbooks  America’s All-time Favorite Piano Pieces  Christmas in Ivory: 10 Piano Arrangements… read more >>

Music Artist Spotlight: Grateful Dead

On June 7, 1965, the future of rock & roll music was forever changed when a previously unknown bass player by the name of Phil Lesh joined the nascent music group called the Warlocks.  The group consisted of Jerry Garcia on guitar and vocals, Bob Weir on guitar and vocals, Phil Lesh on bass, Bill Kreutzmann on drums, and Ron “Pigpen” McKernan on… read more >>

Celebrate National Country Music Day on July 4

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July 4th is National Country Music Day. Country music has been around for many years and started here in United States. This day goes back to the 1950’s, when the Country Music Deejay Association wanted to honor Jimmie Rodgers, known as “The Father of Country Music.” There are artists like Patsy Cline, Reba McEntire, and Luke Bryan or Garth Brooks to groups… read more >>

Soundtracks that Rock: Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction album cover

The collection of songs Quentin Tarantino assembled for his 1994 black comedy crime film Pulp Fiction is the perfect soundtrack for this wild postmodern crime adventure. The soundtrack blends rock and roll, surf rock and 1970s soul music for an unpredictable ride through Tarantino’s creative masterpiece.  From the opening scene where the action kicks off with “Misirlou”… read more >>

Learn to Play the Ukulele

Watch and learn to play the ukulele with John from the Library. The ukulele is a fun and entertaining instrument which is easy to learn, so let’s get started! There are an abundance of free resources available if you wish to continue learning such as This site by Brad Bordessa has a wide variety of… read more >>

Playlist for the Apocalypse


It feels like the end of the world, but the silver lining is this: there’s a banging soundtrack for it! Here are several recommendations for songs that you can borrow from our Hoopla catalog that may help your inner dancing queen  (♫ young and sweet, stuck in quarantine ♫).   “We Will Become Silhouettes” from the album We Will Become Silhouettes by The Postal Service Released… read more >>