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Buckeye Children & Teen Book Awards

buckeye book award

Looking for book recommendations? Why not read books nominated by students like you!? The Buckeye Children’s & Teen Book Awards (BCTBA) are the only state awards for books that are nominated by and voted on by students across the state.   Check out and read these 2020 nominees:    For Grades K-2        Back Roads, Country Toads by Devin Scillian   Carl and… read more >>

YA Book Reviews by Amy


YA Book Reviews by Amy: Royal Reads It seems like many people are invested in royal families; whether it was the millions who stayed tuned in for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, watching television shows like The Crown or Victoria or The Great, or grew up watching Disney because of the princesses and princes…. read more >>

Language Resources for Teens

Hello, everyone!  Did you know that the Library offers some awesome resources for learning a new language?  Well, we do!  And we won’t grade you on it!  All you need is your library card to log in to these sites.   Whether you’re just learning the language or already have a couple years of the learning the language under your belt, there’s… read more >>

Stained Glass Art for Teens

Hello, crafty teens!  We are going to make some art that you can hang in a window to brighten your or someone else’s day.  Making stained glass art doesn’t have to complicated, and it looks amazing.  So, let’s get started.  Here’s what you need: a coloring page (I used a mandala pattern)  wax paper  permanent… read more >>

YA Book Reviews by Amy


I Will Go Down with this Ship  While I may not read a lot of purely romance books, I do like to read romance within other genres. When the romance is done correctly, it can be so enjoyable, but if it is lackluster or I just do not believe the connection that the author is… read more >>