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5 YA Non-Fiction Books About Human Rights

5 YA Non-Fiction Books About Human Rights  December is National Human Rights Month, but that’s not the only time you’re allowed to read these books. With International Human Rights Day falling on December 10th this year, you are just in time to get started on your journey of self-education and reflection in regards to civil and human… read more >>

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread Houses Made by Our TAB Members A tradition that many families do around the holidays and a sweet treat that is decorated to perfection: Gingerbread Houses. A tradition that my own family never did; we always did other things: seeing the lights on houses or at the park, drinking chocolate milk and eggnog, playing… read more >>

Easy, Cheap DIY Gifts for Teens

DIY Gifts

Whether you’re ready or not, the holiday season is here.  And if you’re not ready, don’t worry!  There’s plenty of time to put together some gifts for your friends and family without breaking the bank.  In fact, everything on this list can be made with items purchased from dollar stores or other low-price retailers.  So, let’s get gifting!    For the friend/family member with… read more >>

Graphic Novels for Animal Crossing Fans

A man playing Animal Crossing

So you’re a fan of Animal Crossing: New Horizons?  And you’re super excited that the new amiibo expansion is here?  I don’t blame you!  But, as I’m sure you’ve heard, too much screen time isn’t great for you.  So be sure you’re taking some breaks!  And since you’re on a break from your virtual island paradise, give… read more >>