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Back to Work – for Job Seekers

Back to Work reminder on a wall calendar

Last week, I talked about using the library’s paid online resources to help you gain skills and become successful job seekers.  Today, we will look at the first of the educational paid resources the library has available for you:   

This is actually a resource that is freely available to you through a partnership between the library and  As it says in its name, this resource provides the practice written tests for various driving licenses: 

  • Car 
  • Motorcycle 
  • CDL 

Not only does it have multiple practice written tests to try out, but it also has the full driver handbooks to use to study for these tests. And it has the practice tests and handbooks in both English and Spanish. 

For job seekers, there are lots of jobs that require a CDL – Commercial Driver’s License.  Anytime you need to use a vehicle for work purposes, it’s a good idea to check to see if you will need to have a CDL for using that work vehicle.  In fact, here are some articles about jobs that use a CDL – and they are not all long-haul trucking jobs! 

There is one thing to keep in mind when using It does not allow you to create an account within this resource. When you take a test, you will need to write down your score as it will not keep a record of your score on a public computer – or when your browser history is cleared on your personal computer. 

Come back next week to learn about another resource to help you on your path back to work!