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Back to Work – Hoopla for Job Seekers

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Let’s talk about Hoopla. Here you can borrow, instantly stream and download free movies, TV shows, eBooks and more with a valid library card. This is our streaming resource that is an all-age resource with both recreational and educational content.  Currently, all the content is unlimited, instantaneous access which means a million people could want to read the same ebook, listen to the same music album, or watch the same movie and they can all get their ebook, music, or movie at the same time.  There are no waiting lists.   

With Hoopla, there are also no fines.  You cannot keep digital content overdue as it returns automatically.  You also have no worries about lost/damage fees as it is not possible to damage a completely digital resource! 

The content in Hoopla has various checkout limits: 

  • Movies and TV Shows – 3 days 
  • Music albums – 7 days 
  • eBooks, Audiobooks, & Comics – 21 days 

At this time, you can check out up to 25 items per month.  As soon as the next month starts, your checkout limit resets to 25 again. 

Hoopla will work on computers, laptops, smart TVs, tablets, and smartphones.  With computers, laptops and smart TVs, you can only live stream the content which means your device must be connected to the internet in order to read the ebooks, listen to music, or watch movies.   

hoopla-iconWith tablets and smartphones, you can install the free Hoopla app.  Take your device anywhere with internet access, such as the library, and login to Hoopla.  When you check out items in your Hoopla account, you will be able to download them to the app.  Then you will be able to read the ebook, listen to the music, or watch the movie without being connected to the internet! 

For job seekers, I recommend using the keyword search box at the top of the Hoopla website.  You can do a search for “Resumes” to find lots of great ebook and audiobook resume books.  You could also search “Job Search” to find useful ebooks about how to do a successful job search.  Plus, you can be more specific by doing a search for a specific job your interested in, such as Nursing or Welding.  

Another way to find useful educational content for you as a job seeker is to browse the categories within each format. 

For ebooks, try browsing the category of Business & Economics.  And you can continue to narrow your browse results by trying out the subcategories, such as: Skills.  Another recommended category to browse is Education and the subcategory of Adult & Continuing Education. 

For movies, try browsing the category of Educational. Admittedly, you will see lots of content for children, but there are useful videos here for adults as well. 

For TV shows, try browsing the category of Business.  Lots of business related videos can apply to any workplace. Plus, there is the Educational category which currently includes helpful math tutor courses in Algebra and Geometry. 

Something to keep in mind when using Hoopla.  This is a resource that is constantly updating its content – much as the library updates what we have on our shelves.  Over time, you will see that items that a search used to find will no longer be in Hoopla as they become dated and are weeded out.  New content will also constantly appear. 

For more on how to use Hoopla, check out:

Hoopla has lots to offer for everyone, including our many job seekers! Come back next week to learn about one of our educational resources that provides full self-placed classes online, along with ebooks and career practice tests.

Sara Churchill

Sara Churchill is the Digital Services Specialist and Assistant Supervisor in the Information Services Department at Main Library. A major fan of technology devices and computer research resources at work, she enjoys helping everyone learn to use their devices and the library's many online resources.  She loves reading Science Fiction/Fantasy books, British cozy mysteries, True Crime and other true stories, plus a past reader of horror fiction by the likes of Stephen King and John Saul (among others).  Also, she’s a big fan of Sci-fi, action, horror, spaghetti westerns, and based-on-a-true story movies.  Her blogs are for adults and the entire family to enjoy reading and trying out the many online resources free for PLYMC library cardholders to use.