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Back to Work: Ohio Means Jobs Career Profile

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Now that we’ve been through the registration process last week, this week we’ll start on a guided tour of the steps to fully using all of your Ohio Means Jobs account.

Login to your Ohio Means Jobs Account by clicking here and then clicking “Sign In“, which you will see in the upper right corner by the backpack.

Ohio Means Jobs - Sign In button by Backpack

Now that you are signed back in, you could choose “Go To Backpack” to finish completely setting up everything in your Ohio Means Jobs account.  But there is an easier option, “Take the Guided Tour,” which will walk you through all the recommended steps for your account.

Ohio Means Jobs - Welcome back page with Take Guided Tour button

As you can see there are many recommended activities to gain all the benefits from your Ohio Means Jobs account. Plus, you have confirmation that you have fulfilled all the parts of Step 1: Register with OhioMeansJobs.

Ohio Means Jobs - Guided Tour - Registration completed

Today, we will go through all of Step 2: Career Profile

Ohio Means Jobs - Guided Tour - Career Profile Get Started

The Career Profile is required in order to register for Ohio Means Jobs.  It will take about 20 minutes to complete.  When you see the next screen which is illustrated below, read the directions and then click “Start.” 


Ohio Means Jobs - Guided Tour - Career Profile with Start button

After clicking “Start” you will see a series of questions and I have provided a sample picture below.  You will be asked a series of 60 questions, so go through them.  Please remember!!  If you want to go back and change a question, do not use your back browser’s button, this action could knock you out and you will have to start the registration process over.  Please go the prev” button  to make any changes if you need to. 

Ohio Means Jobs - Guided Tour - Career Profile - first questionsOhio Means Jobs - Guided Tour - Career Profile first 20 questions

When you are finished with the next set of 20 questions (remember 60 question in total), please select “Next.” 

Ohio Means Jobs - Guided Tour - Career Profile - last 20 questions

What you will then see is a screen congratulating you on the completion of your assessments.  I have provided a sample picture below of what you will see. 

Ohio Means Jobs - Guided Tour - Career Profile - Profile Results

This assessment will give you an idea of what you may be good at doing career-wise.  It will detail your interests and skills by six categories and gives an explanation for each. 

  • Social 
  • Conventional 
  • Artistic
  • Enterprising
  • Realistic
  • Investigative 

You will notice the “View Occupations” button at the bottom.  Click on this and the Ohio Means Jobs system will display the 10 careers that you may be of interest to you based on your assessment answers.  You can click on each section that will give you a detailed job description on each occupation. 

Ohio Means Jobs - Guided Tour - Career Profile - top 10 career matches

This concludes the Career Profile step of your guided tour of Ohio Means Jobs.

Come back next week for the next step in the tour!