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Back to Work: Ohio Means Jobs Registration

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Please follow the steps below to get registered for the Ohio Mean Jobs site, so that you can upload your resume and start looking for employment.  Make your resume searchable by employers, so that you will get noticed.  The registration process usually takes about 30-60 minutes.  Please fill out all sections completely and entirely.  Any question you see with a red asterisk is required information, so if you leave it incomplete or blank, the registration will not process. 

The link below will get you started on the registration process, but I would recommend reading through the blog before you attempt to register, as the blog will give you step-by-step instructions. 

Ohio Means Jobs Create Account Link  


The screenshots and directions below will walk you through the whole process. 

The first section you will see will ask you for your name, address, and more.  Please see the screen shot below: 

Ohio Means Jobs Create Account: Military Service, Employment Information and Gender/EthnicityIf you check “I am unemployed and interested in or already receive unemployment benefits,” in the Employment Status section, you will be required to supply your social security number and date of birth.  Please see the screen shot below: 

Ohio Means Jobs Create Account: Employment Information when click unemployed

Ohio Means Jobs Create Account: Career Info sectionWhen you reach the part “Target Job Title section click on it and you will get this message that explains what this means. 


Ohio Means Jobs Create Account: Target Job explanation

After completing the Career Info section,

Ohio Means Jobs Create Account button

In this section, you can choose more than one. 

Ohio Means Jobs Create Account: Career Plans section: Employment plans and where you look for jobsOhio Means Jobs Create Account: Career Plans section: Assistance questions and training/education programs

Once you register, OhioMeansJobs will send you an email.  (This is the email you put on your registration form with Ohio Means Jobs.)  Your message in your email will look like this: 

Ohio Means Jobs email confirmation on registration

Once you are in your email click on “Get Started,” you will be brought to this screen: 

Ohio Means Jobs Welcome Back screen

Once you go into your Backpack, you will be brought to the following screen: 


Ohio Means Jobs - Backpack screen

You can upload your resume one of two ways, you can upload an existing resume or you can create your resume in the OhioMeanJobs portal.  I would strongly recommend uploading an existing resume, why?? It is much easier, take my word for it. 

When you click on “Upload Resume” you will be brought to the following page and asked to complete a quick form before you upload your resume.  See an example of the form below: 

Ohio Means Jobs: Upload a Resume Active Status information

To help you come up with a creative resume title, click on the blue link “Resume Title,” you will get the following message.  This message explains what you can do to come up with an eye catching and creative resume title.  This is where you will want to make your resume status “active,” see red text in the picture above.  

Ohio Means Jobs Resume Title explanation

Ohio Means Jobs: Upload a Resume: Target Job sectionIn this section, pick up to 10 industries that you would like to work in.  When you select them your screen will appear like the example below: 

Ohio Means Jobs: Upload a Resume: Target Job Industry selection

The next section is the Occupation selection.  You may select up to five occupations.  In order to find the occupations, you must select the plus signs next to the Occupational Headings.  I will show you sample below: 

Ohio Means Jobs: Upload a Resume: Occupation selection

So when you click on the plus, it turns into a minus and you will see a list of occupations expand.  And notice that when you select them, they move to the right column under Occupations. 

If you don’t see an occupation listed within these categories, there is a “Quick Find” feature, and this is located above the occupations list.  I have provided an example below. 

Ohio Means Jobs: Upload a Resume: Occupation section Quick Find feature

Start typing in this field, for example, I will use the term “secretary.”  As you can see from the screen shot below, the system will pick up certain occupational titles.  This is a nice feature because it can help you locate something quicker. 

Ohio Means Jobs: Upload a Resume: Occupation section Quick Find example

The next section will ask you if you are looking for jobs within the Youngstown region or if you are willing to look in other locations.  You can pick one or the other.  Most people I meet with pick “Only near 44503, YoungstownOH 

Ohio Means Jobs: Upload a Resume: Target Jobs Location in Youngstown area

But on occasion, some are willing to relocate.  If that is the case, and you pick “I’m interested in other locations,” the picture below is what you will see. 

Ohio Means Jobs: Upload a Resume: Target Jobs Location outside the area

The last section of this registration process is where you can upload your resume.  See the picture below: 

Ohio Means Jobs: Upload a Resume: Upload resume section

Select the “Choose File”button and go look for your resume on your computer, once you find it double click on it and it should be brought into the “Resume file” immediately.  Once you have it uploaded and can see the file next to the “Browse” button, click on the “create” button and all of this information that you just put in this form will be saved in your Backpack. 

For more information, please email Judy Jones at or visit The OhioMeansJobs Relaunch (vimeo video)

Judy Jones

Judy is a certified Career Facilitator. She has worked with many patrons over the past four years assisting them in writing effective resumes and cover letters. She has guided individuals through the online job application process and has helped them register for Ohio Means Jobs. If you need assistance or would like to send her your resume for review, please email her at If you would like to call her to book an appointment, please call 330-744-8636. Judy in also an avid Anglophile! She likes to read British History, fiction and non-fiction, likes to watch TV shows and movies related to British History and often likes to pick at the historical accuracy of such shows.