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Hello PLYMC Community:

The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning Valley presents a JOB & CAREER BLOG to assist you in searching for a job during the Coronavirus epidemic. We realize that during these times of uncertainty, people will be looking for jobs to make ends meet.  We are starting this blog as a way to keep in touch with the community and give advice on the job search process and to make it easier for people to visit one place to get all of their questions answered.










The site listed below will get you started with filing weekly unemployment claims.  There are also how-to videos that can better assist in showing you how to navigate the website, a questions and answers section, instructions on how to set up your PIN for the first time and much more contained within the link below.  The bottom of the site also details what is required in order for you to apply for benefits. There is also a link for Spanish language readers.  You may apply on the telephone or online.

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These links will take you directly to company websites where you can start the application process immediately.

Home Depot

CVS Health

Coca Cola

Travel Centers of America

Giant Eagle

Community Caregivers

Briar Health Care Centers

Kindred Healthcare

Brookdale Senior Living





Dollar Tree/Family Dollar


Huntington National Bank-Warren (teller)
Huntington Bank-Canfield (Branch Relationship Banker)

PNC Bank-Youngstown

Pilot Flying

Panda Express

Roehl Transport


Domino’s Pizza



Mercy Health

Door Dash

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So to start, we would like to share two quick ways you can start working on your resume.

If you are at home and have a computer but no word processor, the site below will help you with your job documents.  These are free online word processors.

With a username and password, you can get into this site and place information into organized resume sections.  Please bear in mind that you will need a library card to gain free access to this site. No library card? Sign up for a Digital Card

***It is important that before you begin a job search you must have in place a well-written resume, cover letter, and a list of professional references.  Many online job boards and company employment sites require these.

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  • Use keywords from the job posting—you want to talk the company lingo and use effective words that will grab their attention.  The whole point of the resume is not to get the job but to get the job interview.
  • Show where value was added to the organization (achievements, commendations from supervisors and co-workers) Employers are looking for behavioral, competency and unique- based skills.
  • Have a friend or colleague proof read your resume.  Oftentimes we don’t see our own mistakes, so it is good to have a second pair of eyes check it for you.
  • Use a font that is legible, you want to make sure you audience can read it.  Also, don’t use font that is too small.
  • There are times when people want to put a lot of information on their resume.  Remember, it is not necessary to bombard your resume with everything you have done.  You don’t want to distract the reader.  You want to entice them with effective writing.
  • “References upon request” do not need to be the last thing listed on your resume anymore.   Most human resource professionals and managers agree that this information is not relevant as you will be expected to provide professional references.
  • There are many different ways of doing your resume, but what we have found is that most people use the reverse chronological resume.   But the chronological resume doesn’t work for everyone.   A functional resume may be more suited to you, especially if you have worked the same type of job at different places.   A functional resume focuses on your areas of expertise.  This type of resumes eliminates the redundancy that might be found in a chronological resume, especially if one has done the same type of work for a long period of time.

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Cover letters are just an important as the resume.  This is where you need to really “WOW” a prospective employer.  However, we have found that not all jobs require cover letters.  It is important to note while applying for jobs online, if there is a space that is allocated for a cover letter, it is best to write one.  Some places such as the restaurant and food production industries don’t always require one, but bear in mind that most companies do require one.

Please visit the site below to get tips on writing effective cover letters:

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When you provide references, provide supervisory references whenever possible.  Employers generally want to connect with people you have worked for.   There are times though that that it is not always possible because perhaps they may have left the company or the company no longer exists. Most companies required three references, but it is always good to get at least five of them just in case one reference does not work out.

Here is a list of other people that you could use as references:

  • Colleagues
  • Teachers
  • Landlords
  • Volunteer Work Supervisors
  • Former co-workers
  • Community organizations that you may belong to

Here is a list of people you don’t use as references:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • A supervisor that may have fired you

Be sure to ask for permission before you use anyone as a reference.  This is very important.  If you get notified that by a potential employer that is interested in checking your references, make sure you call your reference to remind them.

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Below a list of job categories that are considered essential workers as defined by the Department of Homeland Security.  Outside of the individuals who work in the health care industry such as nurses, doctors, and pharmacies, as well as those who work in law enforcement, the following individuals who work in fields that are considered essential workers are listed as follows:

**When visiting job boards, enter the below-listed job titles/descriptions in the keyword search fields

For example:

Screen Shot of website Ohio Needs Jobs


Human Services Operations:

  • Department of Developmental Disabilities
  • Department of Veteran Services
  • Department of Youth Services

Essential Infrastructure:

  • Food production
  • Distribution
  • Fulfillment Centers
  • Storage facilities
  • Marinas
  • Sales
  • Construction (including but not limited to, construction of long-term care facilities, public works construction, school construction, essential business construction, and housing construction)
  • Building Management and Maintenance
  • Airport Operations
  • Operation and Maintenance of Utilities
  • Distribution centers
  • Oil and Biofuel refining
  • Public transportation
  • Ports
  • Cybersecurity Operations
  • Flood control
  • Solid waste and recycling collection and removal
  • Internet
  • Video and Telecommunications systems (including the provision of essential global, national, and local infrastructure for computing services, business infrastructure, communications, and web-based services)

The following businesses that provide food, shelter, and other necessities of life for animals, including animals shelters, rescues, shelters, kennels, and adoption facilities can remain open:

  • Grocery stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Certified Farmers’ Market
  • Farm and Produce stands
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience store
  • Other establishments engaged in the retail sales of groceries
  • Food and Beverage manufacturing, production, processing, and cultivation
  • Licensed medical marijuana
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Licensed Medical Marijuana cultivation centers
  • Food banks
  • Religious facilities
  • Gas stations
  • Auto supply
  • Auto repair
  • Farm equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Boat repairs
  • Bank
  • Currency exchanges
  • Consumer lenders
  • Hardware and Supply stores
  • Post Office
  • Laundromats
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Restaurants
  • Airport
  • Public Transportation
  • Taxis
  • Boat storage


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Keep updated with what’s happening around the community.  Join Mutual Aid of Youngstown.  Find out where to get local products, food for elders, look for educational resources, enjoy virtual cultural activities, information on mental illness, restaurant carry out and delivery, and much more.

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What Does the Coronavirus Pandemic Mean for Your Job Search?

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Judy Jones

Judy is a certified Career Facilitator. She has worked with many patrons over the past four years assisting them in writing effective resumes and cover letters. She has guided individuals through the online job application process and has helped them register for Ohio Means Jobs. If you need assistance or would like to send her your resume for review, please email her at If you would like to call her to book an appointment, please call 330-744-8636. Judy in also an avid Anglophile! She likes to read British History, fiction and non-fiction, likes to watch TV shows and movies related to British History and often likes to pick at the historical accuracy of such shows.