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Resume, no experience

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How to get experience so you can add things to your resume! 

  • Participate in animal rescue
  • Volunteer at a local shelter
  • Work with a local charity
  • Volunteer at the hospital
  • Create your own web/social/vlog/blog/YouTube media site
  • Play sports such as basketball, football, cheerleading, yoga, hiking, tennis or swimming
  • Work at a Renaissance Fair
  • Create a gamer’s club
  • Try your hand at Community Theater
  • Join a church choir, Civil Air Patrol, or Junior ROTC
  • Join the yearbook committee, work with a local radio station or local website
  • Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity
  • Work with children
  • Learn a second language such as American Sign Language or Spanish
  • Make and teach ceramics, make jewelry, learn graphic design, photography or anime
  • Learn how to sew and cook
  • Join an academic competitive team such as the spelling bee, math league, Science Bowl, or trivia competition teams
  • Learn Photoshop and create animated characters and cool pictures
  • Learn how to code and XHTML
  • Find an internship
  • Get a verifiable badge from places like Khan Academy or IBM
  • Obtain a digital micro-credential that verifies a competence or skill set
  • Join!
    • Teenage Republicans
    • Young Democrats of America
    • Boy Scouts
    • The Debate Club
    • Girl Scouts
    • Future Business Leaders of America
    • Cancer Foundation
    • Environmental Club